Alpha Medical Launches Membership and Announces Multi-State Expansion

The female-founded healthcare company expands online services offering and enables women to take control of healthcare decisions

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Alpha Medical, the company rebuilding women’s healthcare, announced Alpha Membership, a new service that expands on their seamless online care platform. Alpha Membership solves for an even wider range of health needs and reduces the cost of consultations, creating more resources for women to take control of their health decisions.

The company also announced its expansion to patients in three new states: Georgia, Virginia and Washington. The expansion follows a strong first year in which Alpha’s online consultation and ship-to-doorstep prescription offering grew to serve six states – California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Texas – 43% of the country's population.

Alpha meets women where their healthcare journeys begin, with access to reproductive and dermatological care, without insurance. Alpha works with accredited, verified pharmacies to deliver prescription skin medications and contraception straight to patients’ doors, following an asynchronous online sign-up and consultation process. The company also offers a recently-launched line of non-prescription skincare products formulated to support dermatology prescriptions.

"We’re not just fixing one piece of the healthcare puzzle; we’re redesigning the overall healthcare ecosystem for women," says Alpha founder and CEO, Gloria Lau.

“Women’s needs are complex, and no one is addressing them head on. Alpha provides women the basic care they need, even if they’re not equipped with insurance, a regular care provider or easy access to a pharmacy. With Membership, we can more fully quarterback our patients' healthcare, offering support from consultation and diagnosis, to automatically scheduling preventive health exams, and discounts on shipping prescription medications. We’re excited to grow our community.“

With the addition of the Membership program today, Alpha introduces services that take on broader healthcare burdens and solve for a wider range of needs. For $99 annually, patients can access reduced pay-per-visit costs ($10) and a space to be in control of their health: from sharing medical records to instant access to clinicians. Membership expands Alpha’s service area range to incorporate preventative healthcare, skin and hair care, urgent care, and additional benefits like automated appointment booking and free shipping on prescriptions.

"Women suffer the most from the costs and failures of our medical system. With the shortage of medical professionals in the U.S., travel to a major city is often required for basic care. This is unacceptable," says Dr. Mary Jacobson M.D., Alpha's Chief Medical Director. "By reducing the barrier to excellent care through an online service, immediate access to clinicians, and insurance or non-insurance payment, we’re making real healthcare accessible to the masses.”

Fueling the Alpha patient’s experience is Dr. Mary Jacobson and a team of trusted, knowledgeable clinicians around the country. All of Alpha’s clinicians are board certified, and refer cases that need a specialist or in-person care to a broader network of doctors.

“Our expansion into Georgia this fall is especially important to us,” says Dr. Jacobson. “With new limitations on women’s reproductive health choices in the state, we wanted to expedite our care services to populations disproportionately affected by new policies – women and the uninsured.”

About Alpha Medical
Alpha Medical is a healthcare solution by women, for women. Alpha provides seamless online consultation and ships prescriptions to patients across the country, enabling women to take control of their health. Patients can also access reduced consultation costs and broad preventative health services with Alpha Membership. Alpha’s services are now available to patients in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. For more information, visit

The Alpha Team
Gloria Lau, CEO, has a deep background in data science and machine learning. She trained at Stanford University and honed her skills at LinkedIn and Google. Frustrated by her personal experiences with the U.S. healthcare system, and shepherding care decisions for her two young children, Gloria is leveraging technology to shoulder the burden and put women in control of their health.

Dr. Mary Jacobson M.D., Chief Medical Director, is an OBGYN by training, who served as a clinical professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine for over a decade. A long-time civil rights activist, Dr. J is committed to opening up access to basic healthcare for women across the country.

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