Vancouver, BC, Sept. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Silver Chef, a hospitality financier, has today released its report Coffee in Canada: an Unfiltered Look* revealing that coffee purchasing habits have changed for four out of ten Canadians over the last year. Twenty six per cent of Canadians say the quality of coffee is more important now than 12 months ago, and 27 per cent say cost has become a more important factor. Millennials (aged 18-34) in particular - which make up the biggest segment of Canada’s population at 22 per cent - have become more cost-conscious, with 34 per cent factoring in the cost of coffee to their decision-making process compared to 12 months ago.

Robert Phelps, the President of Silver Chef, says: “Here in Canada, our love of coffee remains, but we’re looking for a higher quality coffee at a lower price. These factors are leading more Canadians to brew their own coffee, with 89 per cent of consumers brewing coffee at home, a habit that is new in the last twelve months for 18 per cent of Canadians. For roasters and coffee shops, there is an opportunity here for those that prioritize quality and offer a greater variety of bean choices for customers to enjoy in a coffee shop, or brew themselves at home.”

Sustainable brewing:

The report also reveals that 70 per cent of Canadians consider sustainability when purchasing coffee, a habit that is new for 22 per cent of Canadians over the last 12 months. In practice, this means that the environmental impact is considered by:

  • 38 per cent when selecting a to-go cup
  • 27 per cent when selecting which coffee bean (the origin)
  • 11 per cent when selecting which milk to put in your coffee (oat versus dairy)

Robert Phelps, the President of Silver Chef, comments: “Awareness of the climate crisis is growing, and Canadians are looking for how they can make changes to their daily habits to minimize their personal impact on climate change. This is changing Canadians coffee habits too, as consumers increasingly question which type of cup or milk is best for the planet.”

Brewing popularity:

The report also shows that coffee still reigns supreme in Canada, with 83 per cent of Canadians drinking coffee, compared to only 22 per cent drinking tea. While Canadians on average drink two cups of coffee a day, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are home to the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers - with 18 per cent having five or more cups of coffee a day.

Despite the many different styles of coffee available, 69 per cent of Canada’s coffee lovers drink drip coffee, compared to 25 per cent who drink iced coffee and 20 per cent who drink lattes.

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*This research is based on September, 2019 poll of 1,010 Canadian coffee drinkers, hosted on the Angus Reid Forum.

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Charlotte Gilmour