Flux7 Launches HPC Cloud Consulting Practice

Cloud-centered HPC practice helps enterprises innovate at scale and speed

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flux7, an IT services provider helping organizations innovate and achieve agility at the speed of the market, today announced a new consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations take advantage of cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) to accelerate innovation. Derek Magill, solution architect at Flux7 who brings more than 20 years’ experience in HPC, leads the newly formed practice.

The new consulting practice augments Flux7’s proven experience with enterprises in a range of industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, automotive, semiconductor and others, enabling organizations to plan, secure, build, modernize and scale cloud-based HPC infrastructure. 

“By leveraging the virtually unlimited elasticity and capacity of the cloud, engineers, researchers, and HPC system owners can innovate beyond the limitations of on-premises HPC infrastructure to accelerate the use of simulation, scalable parallel processing, fast data movement, ultra-large memory systems and other supercomputing capabilities. However, building and deploying systems for these workloads require the right skills, technologies and approach,” said Aater Suleman, co-founder and CEO of Flux7. “Flux7’s HPC Consulting Practice enables enterprises to bring their demanding HPC workloads to the cloud to speed time to market, reduce capex, and massively improve productivity."

Flux7’s HPC Consulting Practice is designed to help companies get more out of their investments including traditional HPC applications like seismic imaging, reservoir simulation, computer-aided engineering, computational chemistry, financial risk modeling, as well as emerging applications like high performance data analytics (HPDA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). Services include:

  • Strategic planning and assessment to prioritize the highest value workloads for migrations.
  • Design and implementation of secure technology platforms that support innovation, agility and scale.
  • Proactively identify spot-ready workloads to minimize cost and maximize ROI.
  • Training and knowledge transfer to enable enterprises to learn the necessary skills to maintain their infrastructure and be self sufficient.

“Traditional on-premises HPC clusters have a deep history and legacy.  While most HPC practitioners see the promise of the elasticity and scalability of the cloud, translating those legacy workflows poses unique challenges.  I’m excited to share my hard-earned lessons learned in making that transition along with the deep programming expertise of the Flux7 development team to help organizations turn the promise of cloud into a reality,” says Derek Magill, HPC Solutions Architect at Flux7.

Hyperion Research studies show that the proportion of all HPC sites worldwide that run some workloads in public clouds has increased more than five-fold in recent years, from 13% of sites in 2011 to 74% in 2018.1  Responding to this growing demand, Flux7 launches the HPC Consulting Service to help enterprises take advantage of the efficiency, productivity and compute power of the cloud to quickly and reliably run complex HPC Computing workloads. 

Flux7 helps enterprises innovate with HPC
To help Personal Peptides meet HIPAA requirements while maintaining competitive advantage through efficient use of computing resources, Flux7 helped the firm blueprint a cloud-based HPC solution that allowed the company to remain agile, with a highly secure infrastructure that provides an additional level of data protection along the document chain.

Seeking to innovate across the organization, from R&D to IT, Flux7 helped a leading pharmaceutical company migrate its systems to take advantage of software automation and HPC resources for real-time analytics of its clinical data. A highly-available, secure environment for advanced R&D modeling and analysis, the new HPC environment includes a complete migration of the firm’s diverse data sets and Cloudera Hadoop-based analytics systems to AWS.

For media company Yactraq Online, Flux7 optimized price and performance by leveraging spot instances. In processing more than 60-million seconds of video, Flux7 was able to lower the on-demand price by 80%. Yactraq was able to use this spot strategy to continue offering high performance to its customers while lowering its prices.

More information about the Flux7 HPC Consulting Practice and customer case studies here:

AWS HPC and Spot Instances Immersion Day
Drawing on its experience and best practices, Flux7 will deliver a workshop, AWS HPC Spot Instances Immersion Day, October 11, in Houston, Texas.   This one-day technical workshop is designed to provide hands-on training in AWS HPC services including Batch, Parallel Cluster, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), FSX for Lustre and others. To learn more and register, please visit: https://www.flux7.com/event-hpc-workshop-houston-all-audiences/

About Derek Magill
Derek Magill has been in Engineering IT for over 20 years, starting out on the UNIX Help Desk at Texas Instruments. While at TI, he held several technical and leadership roles, mainly focused on the areas of license management and HPC. While at Qualcomm, he led the global EDA License Infrastructure team, the Grid Administration Team, and was the primary Engineering Cloud Architect. He currently is an HPC Solutions Architect at Flux7, an IT services firm. Derek currently serves as the Chairman of CELUG, is the Executive Director of the Association of High Performance Computing Professionals and serves on the Executive Committee of the 2020 Design Automation Conference.

About Flux7
Flux7 is an IT services firm helping businesses to improve agility through IT delivery optimization and application modernization. By collaborating with customers to implement cloud automation using the latest technologies and strategies, Flux7 accelerates DevOps adoption. Founded in 2013, Flux7 has delivered over 400 DevOps projects to over 170 enterprise companies spanning life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, financial, retail and other sectors. Learn how Flux7 helps businesses bring solutions to market faster at https://www.flux7.com, get real-world information about IT modernization and DevOps at https://blog.flux7.com/ or follow us on Linked in at https://www.linkedin.com/company/flux7-labs.

Flux7 Media Contact:
Heather Racicot

1 Hyperion Research, Technology Spotlight Cloud Computing for HPC Comes of Age, Sponsored by Amazon Web Services Steve Conway, Alex Norton, Bob Sorensen, and Earl Joseph, March 2019