Latest edition of World Finance explores Singapore’s recession risk, the economic impact of Crimea’s annexation and the opposition facing the CFA franc

LONDON, Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Singapore has proven to be one of the major casualties of the US-China trade war. The wealthy city-state recorded its slowest annual rate of growth for a decade in Q2 2019, as disruptions to the global supply chain threatened to undermine its position as the trade hub of South-East Asia. With Singapore now teetering on the edge of recession, Courtney Goldsmith analyses its economic prospects in the latest edition of World Finance.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Barclay Ballard investigates whether the annexation of Crimea actually benefitted Russia’s economy, amid conflicting reports from Moscow. Since Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014, Russia has pumped at least $10bn into the socioeconomic development of the peninsula. But despite what Moscow claims, evidence suggests that this investment has come at the expense of other regions in Russia and that Crimea’s economy is still far from thriving.

Meanwhile, Alex Katsomitros examines the growing tide of opposition to the CFA franc, a currency used in 14 countries across West and Central Africa. Viewed by some as a bitter reminder of Africa’s colonial history, the currency has come under fire for its convertibility to the overpriced euro, which critics argue is hampering growth across African states.

Other topics covered in the autumn edition of World Finance include Japan’s controversial decision to resume commercial whaling, the rise of the Chinese Nasdaq and the South Korean Government’s new plan to boost the country’s alarmingly low birth rate.

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