Notice regarding early termination


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07 October 2019

Notice regarding early termination

We refer to the Danske Bank A/S Warrant and Certificate Programme Base Prospectus dated 18 June 2018 and the supplements thereto dated 24 July 2018, 3 October 2018, 9 October 2018, 19 October 2018, 9 November 2018, 12 December 2018, 18 January 2019 and 26 February 2019 (the “Base Prospectus”). Terms used herein shall be deemed to be defined for such purposes of the terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) set forth in the Base Prospectuses dated 5 July 2013, 2 July 2014, 22 June 2015, 20 June 2016 and 19 June 2017 which are incorporated by reference in the Base Prospectus. (The documentation can be found here:

This is a Termination Notice pursuant to Condition 5 (Exercise, Early Termination and Settlement) of the Conditions with respect to each Series of Securities set out in the Table below (the “In-Scope Securities”). Any position in any of the securities below by close of trading on the Final Reference Date will be redeemed at the unit value.


Short name for the certificateISINReference itemReference item ISIN
BULL COLO X2 DBDK0060641405COLOBDK0060448595
BEAR COLO X2 DBDK0060641595COLOBDK0060448595
BULL CHRH X2 DBDK0060641678CHRDK0060227585
BEAR CHRH X2 DBDK0060641751CHRDK0060227585
BULL ISS X2 DBDK0060641835ISSDK0060542181
BEAR ISS X2 DBDK0060641918ISSDK0060542181
BULL CARL X2 DBDK0060603587CARLBDK0010181759
BEAR CARL X2 DBDK0060603660CARLBDK0010181759
BULL DSV X2 DBDK0060603744DSVDK0060079531
BEAR DSV X2 DBDK0060603827DSVDK0060079531
BULL FLS X2 DBDK0060603900FLSDK0010234467
BEAR FLS X2 DBDK0060604049FLSDK0010234467
BULL NOVO X2 DBDK0060604122NOVOBDK0060534915
BEAR NOVO X2 DBDK0060604205NOVOBDK0060534915
BULL NZYM X2 DBDK0060604395NZYMBDK0060336014
BEAR NZYM X2 DBDK0060604478NZYMBDK0060336014
BULL PAND X2 DBDK0060604551PNDORADK0060252690
BEAR PAND X2 DBDK0060604635PNDORADK0060252690
BULL VWS X2 DBDK0060604718VWSDK0010268606
BEAR VWS X2 DBDK0060604981VWSDK0010268606
BULL GEN X2 DBDK0060750370GENDK0010272202
BEAR GEN X2 DBDK0060750453GENDK0010272202

The following Final Reference Date, Record Date, Scheduled Expiration Date and Scheduled Cash Settlement Date shall apply to all In-Scope Securities.

Final Reference Date05 November 2019
Record Date07 November 2019
Scheduled Expiration Date05 November 2019
Scheduled Cash Settlement Date15 November 2019

Yours faithfully
Danske Bank A/S