Guardion® Announces Statistically Significant Blood Assay Study Results


 Study Results Show 40 Times Higher Blood Concentration Levels of Mesozeaxanthin From Lumega-Z, Guardion’s Flagship Medical Food, as compared to Standard AREDS2 Over-The-Counter Gel Caps

San Diego, California, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. (“Guardion” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GHSI) announced the formal results of a blood assay study that established that Lumega-Z, Guardion’s proprietary medical food designed specifically to replenish and restore the eye’s macular protective pigment, provided 40 times higher concentrations and bioavailability of mesozeaxanthin in the blood as compared to over-the-counter AREDS2 gel cap supplements.

The study was conducted by Professor Richard A. Bone, BSc, PhD, a member of the faculty of the Department of Physics at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Dr. Bone is also a member of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr Bone was the first scientist to note the presence of mesozeaxanthin in the macular protective pigment and to suggest its importance in macular health. The study results are currently being prepared for publication in late 2019.

David Evans, PhD, Guardion’s Chief Science Officer, commenting on this large disparity in the blood concentration levels resulting from the ingestion of Lumega-Z as compared to AREDS2 gel cap supplements, stated, “Considerable research demonstrates the importance of mesozeaxanthin for protecting the macular region of the retina and staving off vision loss due to macular degeneration. The results of this IRB-approved clinical study clearly show the potent nature of our proprietary formula and further explain the beneficial results observed and documented in patients with eye disease receiving Lumega-Z.

About Guardion Health Sciences, Inc.

Guardion® is an ocular health sciences company that develops, formulates and distributes condition-specific medical foods supported by evidence-based protocols, with an initial medical food product that addresses a depleted macular protective pigment, a known risk factor for age-related macular degeneration (“AMD”), and a significant component of functional vision performance. Guardion has also developed a proprietary medical device, the MapcatSF®, which accurately measures the macular pigment density, therefore providing the only two-pronged evidence-based protocol for the treatment of a depleted macular protective pigment.

About VectorVision®

VectorVision® specializes in the standardization of contrast sensitivity, glare sensitivity, low contrast acuity, and ETDRS acuity vision testing. Its patented standardization system provides the practitioner or researcher the ability to delineate very small changes in visual capability, either as compared to the population or from visit to visit. VectorVision®’s CSV-1000 device is considered the standard of care for clinical trials. VectorVision® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardion.

Guardion has completed development of the proprietary VectorVision® CSV-2000 standardized contrast sensitivity test and recently introduced the commercial product to the marketplace. The CSV-2000 is the only computer-generated vision testing instrument available that will provide the optical marketplace with the Company’s proprietary, industry-standard contrast sensitivity test, along with a full suite of standard vision testing protocols. The proprietary standardization methodology incorporated into the CSV-2000 includes a patented technology known as AcQviz that automatically and constantly measures and adjusts screen luminance to a fixed standard light level for vision testing.

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