VANTIQ Special Summit on Event-Driven Architecture Shines a Spotlight on Breaking Through Obstacles to Digital Transformation

VANTIQ GPS San Francisco Summit to showcase how global powerhouses use EDA to execute real-time applications for IoT, AI and other transformative technologies - VANTIQ launches Community Portal

Walnut Creek, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One of the biggest digital transformation questions companies are asking is “how can we become digitally competitive and integrate technologies like IoT and AI in a timeframe that is economical and productive?” VANTIQ, the company that powers real-time business, will show how it’s done at its VANTIQ GPS event, October 22-24 in San Francisco. Focusing solely on applications created using VANTIQ’s powerful EDA (event-driven architecture) those in attendance will learn how companies like Ford, SoftBank and Total are using the unique, low-code VANTIQ development platform to build real-time, event-driven applications—thereby fast-tracking their way to being digitally competitive. 

VANTIQ GPS will be held at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf. Space is limited but registration is free here.

“Companies have struggled to develop transformative, real-time applications because legacy tools make it a costly, error-prone and laborious process,” said VANTIQ CEO and co-founder Marty Sprinzen. “It is well-known that most digital transformation initiatives fail. At our GPS event, our multinational customer base will show how the VANTIQ low-code development platform for real-time applications revolutionized their development processes and smoothed the path to digital transformation.”

VANTIQ EDA is essential to digital transformation because it links data, events and people to automate business processes in real time. Companies can use the VANTIQ low-code development platform to deploy new applications for IoT, AI or other technologies— in weeks instead of months.

The VANTIQ platform is:

  • Mission-Critical—Providing the security, scalability, and always-on availability that event-driven applications require
  • Distributed—Enabling applications to run anywhere – from the cloud to the edge
  • Collaborative—Optimizing people’s effectiveness with powerful human-to-machine collaboration
  • 10 Times More Efficient—Accelerates time-to-market and reduces development costs by cutting the time and complexity to develop, deploy, and maintain fully reactive, event-driven, real-time applications.  

VANTIQ Launches Community Portal
At the GPS event VANTIQ will launch its new VANTIQ Community Portal, a hub through which VANTIQ stakeholders, including customers, partners, and employees, will achieve rapid and dramatic success with the VANTIQ platform. Community members can attend virtual training courses, interact on discussion forums and acquire knowledge and resources provided by VANTIQ. In addition, these resources are available in multiple languages to support the global VANTIQ community.

Customers around the globe rely on VANTIQ to create the next generation of transformative digital applications that utilize technologies including Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI), and edge computing. The VANTIQ use cases for these applications include smart cities/buildings, oil and gas, telecommunications and other industries. VANTIQ powers their mission-critical, real-time business operations with its unique low-code application development platform based on event-driven architecture (EDA). Founded in 2015 by renowned business and technology leaders Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, VANTIQ dramatically reduces time-to-market, lowers development and maintenance costs, and provides maximum agility in response to constantly changing operational requirements. Real-time is the key and VANTIQ is the solution.

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