New Report Profiles the Most Influential Quantum Networks Worldwide; States Quantum Networking Revenues to Reach $5.6 Billion by 2025

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CROZET, Va., Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to Influential Quantum Networks: Profiles and Strategies,”, the first big revenue opportunity in quantum technology will not be the much-touted quantum computing, but quantum networking.  This study, a new report from Inside Quantum Technology, an industry analyst firm, covers networked quantum security (QKD), mobile/transactional networks, quantum computer networking and quantum clouds, among other quantum network applications. Inside Quantum Technology projects that quantum networking will reach $5.6 billion by 2024.

Market for Quantum Networking Systems by Type ($ Millions)
  2020 2022 2024 2026 2028
Quantum networked security/QKD 127 380 1,294 3,283 9,003
Networked quantum sensors 172 328 1,183 1,834 2,520
Quantum computer networks 127 404 1,199 2,967 5,360
Total 427 1,111 3,676 8,084 16,883

Source:  Inside Quantum Technology

Influential Quantum Networks: Profiles and Strategies is a strategic guide to quantum networks around the world:

  • Organized on a geographical basis, the report provides in depth profiles of the major networks being built in the EU and other parts of Europe, Russia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the US, Canada, and Australia. 
  • In each profile, Inside Quantum Technology discusses the technology and suppliers used to build the network, sources of funding and goals of each quantum network.
  • The report looks at both research networks and the growing number of commercial and military networks deployed for practical purposes. Both satellite and fiber networks are surveyed.
  • This Inside Quantum Technology report provides technology and market strategists with firm guidance on how today’s quantum networks will eventually lead to a true Quantum Internet with an ability to pass entanglement data between nodes on the network. 

Report Methodology:
This report is based on personal and telephone interviews as well as attendance at major conferences including a recent ITU quantum network conference in Shanghai at which one of the authors of this report was a featured speaker. We have also utilized insights gained from speakers at Inside Quantum Technology’s own quantum conferences in the US and Europe.

Our interviewees covered executives at commercial firms, telephone companies and government agencies, as well as academics and government players. This has been supplemented with material from published sources including Inside Quantum Technology’s own industry analysis.

This report will prove invaluable to business development and marketing executives, as well as product managers in the quantum technology sector. It will also be an essential resource for investors seeking to fund the quantum technology revolution.

About Inside Quantum Technology:
Inside Quantum Technology is the first industry analyst firm to be entirely dedicated to meeting the strategic information and analysis needs of the emerging quantum technology sector.

Quantum technology includes quantum computer markets and software, quantum key encryption, post-quantum encryption, quantum sensors, etc. In addition to publishing reports on critical business opportunities in the quantum technology sector, Inside Quantum Technology runs a popular daily newsfeed (Quantum Technology News) on business-related happenings in quantum technology. This free newsfeed can be subscribed to at

Inside Quantum Technology also organizes major conferences on quantum technology in both Europe and the US.  The Inside Quantum Technology — Europe conference will be held in The Hague in October, 2019 (See: and the next Inside Quantum Technology – USA will be held in New York City in April, 2020.

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