Say Expands into the Institutional Investor Market

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Say is pleased to announce that institutional investors, including asset managers, endowments, ETFs, hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension funds, now have full access to the Say Shareholder Communication Platform, enabling a new method of engagement with the public companies and funds in their portfolios. The Say platform is used for annual shareholder meetings, quarterly earnings calls, investor days, webinars, and more.

Say’s Q&A and Polling solutions allow companies to engage with a variety of stakeholders in a unique, scalable, and cost-effective manner not previously possible. Say’s structured communication protocol makes it simple for a diverse community of investors to interact with their portfolio companies’ management and investor relations teams, and for these groups to digest and respond to these questions.

“Our two-way Shareholder Communication Platform is increasingly becoming the new standard for public companies to engage with investors for annual shareholder meetings and earnings calls, and it is a natural complement to our proxy processing solutions. Our corporate issuer clients have asked us to expand its reach to their institutional investors, and we are very pleased to see such a positive reaction from a broad range of institutions,” said Laurent Paulhac, CEO of Say.

“This is a new, intuitive way of engaging with management that’s highly scalable, and lets us leverage our research publicly or anonymously to participate in a broader conversation,” said Christian Frenes, Managing Director, Active Equity at Nuveen. “The aggregated rankings are a nice improvement over the way questions are currently chosen for earnings calls and virtual annual meetings.”

“As long-term investors, we believe in the critical need for corporate accountability and transparency. Giving engaged shareholders direct access to management—to ask questions and share ideas—is an essential step forward to improve democratic governance practices at companies around the world,” said Eric Markowitz, Director of Research at Worm Capital.

“ARK aims to communicate a distinct perspective on investing in disruptive innovation. It is very important for us to engage with shareholders and companies alike, providing our understanding of disruptive innovation and the magnitude of our investment themes. We believe Say empowers us to have better, more transparent investor communications,” said Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest.

About Say:
Say provides brokers, companies, and funds cost-efficient tools to enable high-value digital shareholder interactions. Say’s innovative Shareholder Communication Platform disrupts the world of investor communications by making it more transparent and secure, from powering full-service proxy processing solutions, to connecting investors with the companies and funds they own for new leverageable forms of engagement.

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