With First-to-Market Technologies, Ergodyne's New Coated Gloves & Cut-resistant Sleeve Stand Out From The Crowd

Using two innovative dip technologies and a new cut-resistant fabric for greater worker comfort

St Paul, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

St.Paul, Oct. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ergodyne announced the launch of their new ProFlex® Coated Series Work Gloves, introducing several first-of-their-kind innovations to a competitive – but sometimes hard to distinguish – product category in the process. Also included in this launch is the new ProFlex® A4 Cut-Resistant Sleeve.

The expansion of the ProFlex® line of hand protection gives workers a range of ANSI-level cut resistance (A2, A3, A4), grip (for wet/oily or dry surfaces) and dexterity to satisfy the needs of those working in everything from small parts manufacturing to heavy construction.

“When creating these gloves, we wanted to design something truly unique using new yarn and grip technologies that were not available on the market until now,” said Aaron Skemp, Product Manager for Ergodyne. “Many coated work gloves are made with the same materials.”

Ergodyne's two exclusive grip technologies – DSX™ for dry conditions and WSX™ for wet/oily surfaces – feature multiple layers to protect hands while allowing air to flow for all-day breathability. The WSX™ dip also makes use of an anti-slip nitrile top layer to absorb and disperse liquids from the surface, providing a firm grip even when wet.

Ergodyne’s WSX™ dip was found to be superior when tested against other common dips on the market today. To test the grip performance, testers must pull straight down on a piece of metal covered in oil. The score is the force registered when the hand slips. The graph below shows the average score for five of the most common dips on the market.

The new ProFlex® Cut-Resistant Sleeve features another industry first – TenaLux™ is a special engineered polyester that provides ANSI level A4 cut protection without the irritating glass or steel fibers commonly used in other cut-resistant fabrics. This supremely breathable material feels cool to the touch, is moisture wicking and lighter weight than other A4 level cut-resistant protective gear. The new cut-resistant sleeve also features integrated thumbholes and adjustable top strap to keep the sleeve firmly in place, eliminating snag hazards. TenaLux™ can also be found in ProFlex® model 7040 and 7041 Cut-Resistant Gloves.

“We engineered this new line of gloves and a cut-resistant sleeve to be as comfortable as possible. Workers aren’t going to want to wear their protective gear if it’s hot, uncomfortable or hinders their dexterity. So we wanted to create something that feels good and that they can wear all day long,” Skemp added.

The ProFlex® Coated Series Gloves and Cut-Resistant Sleeve are available now on Ergodyne’s website.

To learn more, email orders@ergodyne.com or call 800-225-8238 // (651) 642-9889.


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