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05 November 2019

Notice regarding certificates expiry due to early termination

Below-mentioned certificate(s) issued by Danske Bank A/S expires today due to early termination. The value of the respective certificate will subsequently be cash settled.

Short name for the certificateISINReference itemReference item ISINUnit value
BULL COLO X2 DBDK0060641405COLOBDK006044859560.381882
BEAR COLO X2 DBDK0060641595COLOBDK00604485953.415199
BULL CHRH X2 DBDK0060641678CHRDK006022758557.015582
BEAR CHRH X2 DBDK0060641751CHRDK00602275853.067817
BULL ISS X2 DBDK0060641835ISSDK006054218116.778717
BEAR ISS X2 DBDK0060641918ISSDK006054218113.562151
BULL CARL X2 DBDK0060603587CARLBDK001018175991.842345
BEAR CARL X2 DBDK0060603660CARLBDK00101817592.615835
BULL DSV X2 DBDK0060603744DSVDK0060079531259.251393
BEAR DSV X2 DBDK0060603827DSVDK00600795310.684144
BULL FLS X2 DBDK0060603900FLSDK001023446716.263801
BEAR FLS X2 DBDK0060604049FLSDK00102344674.459131
BULL NOVO X2 DBDK0060604122NOVOBDK006053491538.225167
BEAR NOVO X2 DBDK0060604205NOVOBDK00605349153.457454
BULL NZYM X2 DBDK0060604395NZYMBDK006033601423.641309
BEAR NZYM X2 DBDK0060604478NZYMBDK00603360146.457069
BULL PAND X2 DBDK0060604551PNDORADK00602526905.459358
BEAR PAND X2 DBDK0060604635PNDORADK00602526903.206970
BULL VWS X2 DBDK0060604718VWSDK001026860687.945269
BEAR VWS X2 DBDK0060604981VWSDK00102686060.752457
BULL GEN X2 DBDK0060750370GENDK001027220228.575583
BEAR GEN X2 DBDK0060750453GENDK00102722023.980728

Yours faithfully
Danske Bank A/S