Comcast, FireEye, Numberly Among Winners of 2019 Scylla User Awards

Real-time big-data innovations wow record crowd at Scylla Summit

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SCYLLA SUMMIT -- In front of its largest-ever audience at Scylla Summit 2019, ScyllaDB announced the winners of its second annual Scylla User Awards.

This year’s Scylla User Awards recognized industry leaders such as Comcast, Dynamic Yield, FireEye, Grab and for real-time big data innovation in nine categories, all using Scylla’s powerful scale-up/scale-out database.

The complete list of winners includes:

  • Most innovative use of Scylla: Numberly
  • Greatest node reduction with Scylla: Comcast
  • Best Scylla Cloud use case: Dynamic Yield
  • Best real-time use case: Opera
  • Best analytics use case:
  • Scylla community member of the year: Yannis Zarkadas
  • Best use of Scylla with Kafka: Grab
  • Best use of Scylla with Spark: Tubi
  • Best use of Scylla with a graph database: FireEye

Winners showed off cutting-edge use cases, such as FireEye, which uses Scylla alongside ElasticSearch as backend storage for a 2.5TB+ JanusGraph database with more than 600 million vertices and more than 1.2 billion edges.

“JanusGraph supports multiple NoSQL databases for backend storage, but we did a comparative study with respect to our use case and business requirements and found Scylla was the best,” said Rahul Gaikwad, Principal DevOps Engineer at FireEye. “When we compared our previous custom-graph performance with JanusGraph and Scylla together, adding Scylla made performance about 10X faster. Scylla turned out to be a game-changer for us.”

Other winners showed off performance gains from switching to Scylla and its unique scale-up/scale-out architecture. Comcast, for instance, slashed its hardware and maintenance costs by replacing 962 Cassandra servers with just 78 Scylla nodes. Opera, meanwhile, dropped its read-request latency from 5,000ms to 4ms by replacing Cassandra with Scylla, while reducing write-request latency from 500ms to 4ms.

Yannis Zarkadas from data management company Arrikto was winner of Best Scylla Community Member for his work on the Kubernetes Operator for Scylla. He said: “Working on the Kubernetes Operator as part of my diploma thesis at Arrikto was a great experience. The ScyllaDB team was always there if I needed advice or suggestions, and the Operator turned out even better than I’d hoped. Scylla and Kubernetes are a natural fit.”

“The range and results of the submissions we received this year were inspiring,” said ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor. “It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of our Scylla Summit, recognizing some of the incredible things our customers are doing with Scylla. This year’s winners are the most impressive yet.”

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Scylla is the real-time big data database. A drop-in alternative to Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, Scylla embraces a shared-nothing approach that increases throughput and storage capacity as much as 10X that of Cassandra. AdGear, AppNexus, CERN, Comcast, Grab, IBM Compose, Intel,, MediaMath, Ola Cabs, Samsung and many more leading companies have adopted Scylla to realize order-of-magnitude performance improvements and reduce hardware costs. Scylla is available in Open Source, Enterprise and fully managed Cloud editions. ScyllaDB was founded by the team responsible for the KVM hypervisor and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Magma Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, TLV Partners, Western Digital Capital and Wing Venture Capital. For more information:

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