HAProxy Technologies Launches Application Delivery Platform, HAProxy One

Waltham, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Nov. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At its inaugural user conference, HAProxy Technologies, provider of the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, announced the launch of HAProxy One, an end-to-end application delivery platform designed to simplify the complexity of modern application architectures. HAProxy One incorporates existing products: HAProxy Enterprise and HAProxy ALOHA, and introduces three new ones: HAProxy Edge, HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller and HAProxy Fusion Control Plane—all of which are powered by the legendary HAProxy load balancer.

HAProxy One delivers advanced security, application and content acceleration, and load balancing with centralized control and observability through a unified control plane. Its powerful capabilities span all the way from the globally distributed edge to sidecars within a service mesh. They are provided in a range of form factors from turnkey application delivery services to pure software.

HAProxy One allows engineers to apply decades of HAProxy knowledge and experience towards new use cases, rather than being forced to integrate diverse vendors and technologies that might reduce performance, reliability, or flexibility.

"We're excited about the HAProxy One end-to-end application delivery platform," says Martin Folkoff, Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton. "HAProxy Enterprise allowed us to combine our software load balancer and web application firewall layers, which simplified our architecture, improved performance and reduced costs over our previous solution." Booz Allen Hamilton recently implemented a next-generation microservices architecture for recreation.gov as part of the White House's IT modernization effort. "We plan to deploy the HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller to further simplify our application delivery while also staying compliant with federal regulations."

In recent years, application delivery requirements have rapidly evolved due to numerous factors including the increasing size and sophistication of security threats, the rise in popularity of public and private clouds, and the adoption of dynamic microservices-based architectures. Addressing these new requirements involves working with numerous cloud, security, and application delivery vendors, each utilizing disparate underlying technologies that invariably add significant complexity and management overhead.

“Many organizations invest in meeting modern application delivery requirements only to be overwhelmed by complexity and inefficiency,” according to Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO. “HAProxy One is powered by HAProxy, the best-in-class software load balancer and supported by a single authoritative vendor, making it a simple and effective end-to-end application delivery platform that is unique in the market.”

HAProxy One is comprised of the following products:

HAProxy Edge is a globally distributed application delivery network, or ADN, that provides a wide range of turnkey application delivery services at massive scale and with first-class observability. These services include advanced security, application and content acceleration, and load balancing.

HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller is the most efficient way to route traffic into a Kubernetes cluster. It automatically detects changes within your Kubernetes infrastructure and ensures accurate distribution of traffic to healthy pods, with zero downtime due to pod health or scaling changes. It also comes with an integrated WAF to increase the security of your applications running within Kubernetes.

HAProxy Fusion Control Plane will provide a single pane of glass to control and observe the entire product line-up. It will feature a modern UI and offer a REST-based API. The HAProxy Fusion Control Plane will also feature capabilities that allow delivery of an enterprise-grade service mesh comprised of HAProxy Enterprise instances and will offer an API Management interface for HAProxy Enterprise powered API Gateways. This product is currently under active development.

HAProxy Enterprise is an enterprise-class version of HAProxy providing a robust and reliable code base with cutting edge features, an enterprise suite of add-ons, expert support, and professional services. At its core, it incorporates feature backports from the HAProxy development branch for customers who require immediate access to the latest functionality in a hardened version of code.

HAProxy ALOHA is a plug-and-play hardware or virtual appliance based on HAProxy Enterprise that provides L4 and L7 load balancing, a simple graphical interface, and protocol-level attack protection at line rate with its patented PacketShield technology.

“HAProxy Edge was built from the ground up over the past few years with customers and partners, and serves over 60 billion requests per day over a fast-growing global footprint, thereby proving it at massive scale,” said Daniel Corbett, Director of Product.  "When combined with the HAProxy Fusion Control Plane and the other HAProxy One products, customers will unlock the simplicity and power of an end-to-end application delivery platform.”

About HAProxy Technologies

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