JourneyApps Gains Momentum with Fortune 500 Customers As Industrial Companies Rush to Connect Field Workers

Only low-code app platform purpose-built for industrial work environments; Connects every field worker to enterprise data for maximum productivity

DENVER, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- JourneyApps, the app development platform that lets industrial companies run better and be digital leaders, is gaining significant traction with its effort to put the full power of enterprise data and workflows into the hands of field workers, even in the most challenging environments. JourneyApps now has a dozen Fortune 500 companies as customers with more than 20,000 active users. It takes the guesswork out of building, deploying and managing custom field apps, making connected work a reality in industries such as oil & gas, mining & metals, chemicals, utilities, construction and high-tech manufacturing.

“Industrial companies increasingly realize the importance of a successful digital strategy. The CEO of Schlumberger is right that the future of oil & gas is digital. Yet before JourneyApps, the industrial space lacked a rugged app platform suited to its unique needs to make that transformation a reality. With JourneyApps, industrial companies no longer have to hunt for scarce developer talent and spend millions of dollars and years of time to solve complex challenges such as making enterprise data available offline on a mobile device,“ said Conrad Hofmeyr, CEO and co-founder of JourneyApps.

JourneyApps is a cloud-native, all-in-one platform, boasting everything from a modern, browser-based low-code IDE with GitHub integration, to a cloud backend with data storage and document automation. Every app built with JourneyApps runs on any device and automatically comes with strong audited security.

JourneyApps customers are leading Fortune 500 industrial companies including General Electric, Emerson, Halliburton and National Oilwell Varco to name a few.

“We used JourneyApps for a global initiative for tracking our rock tools product and contract performance — called My Rock Tools Track,” says Charles Macfadyen, Head of Digital Solutions for Rock Tools at Sandvik. “Track is having a significant impact on our business. It is helping us reduce the number of wasted man-hours attributed to managing inventory on remote sites by tenfold or more. I see JourneyApps as a key partner in our digital ecosystem — helping us to be a technology leader and a service leader.”

All apps are fully functional in an offline environment by default. Whether a worker is deep underground, on a remote offshore rig or simply has intermittent network connectivity, JourneyApps automatically enables its powerful bidirectional data sync engine for each app with zero setup or configuration required. Using the JourneyApps hardware engine, developers can also connect to devices such as RFID tags, laser barcode scanners and thermal printers with a single line of code.

The serverless compute engine makes it easy to integrate data from the field with any existing enterprise system or BI platform an industrial company already runs, giving even remote users who wear gloves two-way access to enterprise data as if they were at a desk. The results are faster roll-out and higher productivity, which boost the bottom line for industries with thin margins.

“We built the best data sync on the planet so that our customers don’t have to build it themselves. And that’s just one of many unique technologies packed into the platform. No other company delivers a platform so well suited to the unique needs of industrial companies. They can now confidently deliver digital innovations into the hands of their field workers within weeks using small IT teams,” said Hofmeyr.

The ease of enabling connected work is welcome news to companies in asset-intensive and cyclical industries such as oil & gas. “It is imperative that operators and service companies in the oil and gas industry find ways to do more with less and bring the power of data to the field,” said Jim Crompton, a former Chevron executive for 37 years, co-author of the book A Digital Journey: The Transformation of the Oil and Gas Industry, and advisor to JourneyApps. “The challenge of the digital oilfield has moved from producing more barrels to producing those barrels more efficiently, safely and with a minimal environmental footprint.”

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JourneyApps is the app development platform that lets industrial companies run better and be digital leaders. Small IT teams can use its low-code platform to quickly build and reliably run complex apps for field workers, even in the most challenging environments. Based in Denver, JourneyApps helps more than 100 customers around the world keep their competitive edge with intelligent work automation and informed decision-making for all employees. More information at

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