Retailers Uncover a Clear View of Consumer Behaviors with DISQO

Insights platform empowers brands and retailers with first-party solution that provides unprecedented perspective into online shopping

Glendale, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Retailers and brands now have clearer visibility into previously inaccessible online shopping behaviors, thanks to innovative new technology revealed by consumer insights platform DISQO.

The solution utilizes the distinct capabilities of the DISQO insights platform, which leverages a fully opt-in, transparent, and first party relationship with its audience to deliver structured and granular data at scale. For the first time, retailers can access unified behavioral and attitudinal data to uncover the factors affecting online shopping behaviors. Already, numerous major retailers have signed on with DISQO to leverage its technology to better understand their audience behaviors.

One such retailer is Kroger, who recently shared the importance and impact of DISQO’s technology at the Insight Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference. During this presentation, Kroger’s 84.51 noted that, in needing to optimize online channels to be ready for the future, they partnered with DISQO to gain deeper insights surrounding basket-building activity and, more importantly, see not just their own customer behavior, but behavior across a wider set of retail ecosystems.

Online grocery shopping offers the largest growth opportunity for grocers and brands, with the domestic market expected to surpass $100 billion annually by 2022 (Source: FMI and Nielsen, 2018). To seize on this opportunity, retailers are looking to better understand shopper sentiment as well as the basket building process.

Historically, such measurement has been challenging for grocers and brands due to the complexity and obscurity of the online grocery shopping experience. More so than in other paths to purchase, digital basket building for groceries is a meandering endeavor that typically entails multiple sessions, distractions, and competitor consideration. As a result, grocers have lacked adequate visibility into the process, which is needed to optimize the user experience and improve conversions.

Today, new insights technology developed by DISQO has given retailers unprecedented visibility into the factors affecting online shopping behaviors. For the first time, retailers have access to fully validated and permissioned first-party insights into what shoppers do and how they feel. By layering proprietary passive behavioral data with in-the-moment attitudinal research, DISQO empowers retailers to better understand shopper sentiment and actions in the moments that matter.

In a case presented at CRC, Kroger’s 84.51 turned to DISQO to attain a previously inaccessible perspective into the shopper experience, including an in-depth look at consumer grocery shopping and basket-building behaviors. Uniquely, Kroger was able to gain perspective beyond their own digital customers and understand the broader grocery shopper landscape across multiple key ecosystems.

In addition to basket-level analysis, DISQO’s structured behavioral data sets allow clients access to the following:

  • The brands, categories, and retailers that shoppers consider
  • Measuring the effect of advertising on digital behaviors
  • Understanding the digital profile of key audiences, personas, and segments
  • Tracking and scorecarding key digital brand metrics longitudinally
  • Other third party channels that influence consumer shopping and purchase behavior
  • Shopper satisfaction, both with the retailer and its competitors

“When you apply the right data to the right questions, you can solve the right problems,” noted Carl Van Ostrand, VP of Consumer Insights at DISQO. “We are thrilled to empower retailers with the insights they need to improve the user experience and reduce cart abandonment.”

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Hollis Guerra
Blast PR for DISQO