Zendure 100W Chargers Perfectly Complement Apple’s New 16” MacBook Pro

Zendure is offering a discount on their SuperPort 4 Desktop Charger and SuperTank Portable Charger when they are purchased together.

East Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

Palo Alto, California, Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apple’s recently-launched MacBook Pro with a 16” display is all about power. The included charger can supply the new laptop with up to 97W of charging power, so topping off its 100Wh battery is quick and convenient. But that charger takes up a considerable amount of space for a unitasker. Zendure’s 100W SuperPort 4 has the answer.

SuperPort 4 is a USB power adapter with two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a maximum output of 100W (USB-C Power Delivery). It’s the perfect MacBook Pro companion for power-users who expect rapid-charging performance and versatility, allowing users to charge not only their MacBook Pro but three additional devices at the same time, including iPad and iPhone.

For on-the-go users, there’s another solution: Zendure’s SuperTank 100W Portable Charger with 100Wh (27,000mAh) of energy storage. SuperTank is an ideal companion for people who want to charge their MacBook Pro anytime, anywhere, at full speed. The portable charger is approved for air travel by TSA/EASA as a carry-on item and holds enough charge to extend MacBook Pro 16” usage by 7.5 hours. Like SuperPort 4, SuperTank has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, along with the added convenience of built-in storage with the same capacity as the new 16” MacBook Pro. SuperTank also features an LED display that shows the amount of charge remaining. And thanks to its pass-through charging capability, SuperTank can power other devices while it is being charged. This is perfect for users who like to top-off their devices overnight. 

SuperTank comes with a 100W (5A) USB-C SuperCord. SuperCord is a Kevlar-reinforced cable with stainless steel connectors, designed for durability and speed. SuperCord has been bend-tested over 50,000 times to ensure maximum reliability.

Zendure is offering a 50% discount on SuperTank with the purchase of SuperPort 4. Free shipping is included on orders over $120. Together with the 100W SuperCord USB-C cable that accompanies SuperTank, these items form a killer bundle for MacBook Pro users.

SuperPort 4 Desktop Charger: https://zendure.com/collections/power-adapters/products/superport-4-black-us

SuperMini Portable Charger: https://zendure.com/collections/portable-chargers/products/supermini