In Advance of Telematics Deadline, Konexial Launches My20 DriveLiFE, Featuring In-Cab Edge Computing Architecture

ELD data is always available, keeping drivers compliant at all times

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In advance of the Dec. 16 ELD deadline to switch from AOBRD to telematics technology, Konexial has released the DriveLiFE version of its My20 ELD, based and developed with next-generation Edge Computing telematics technology to automatically log a driver’s location, hours-of-service and available capacity—in-cab, independent of connectivity—to fulfill FMCSA compliance rules.

“This release is a significant advancement in state-of-the-art telematics technology, led by Edge Computing architecture—all data, algorithm and logic analysis is done within the cab on iOS and Android platforms,” said Ken Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Konexial. “My20 DriveLiFE won’t go ‘out-of-service’, as it is protected against data loss and interruption due to network availability and even against cloud-based server downtime. ELD data is always available, keeping drivers compliant at all times.”

My20 DriveLiFE™ also includes an upgrade to the Drive functions— mapping, routing, points of interest and review—while adding the LiFE stream, functions designed for driver self-improvement in 5 areas: spiritual, financial, social, physical, and environment.

My20 DriveLiFE™ enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Drive Function: Point-of-Interest (POI) and proprietary ratings for Fuel, Parking, Weigh Stations, Rest Areas, Restaurants, and Truck Dealerships

  • Truck-specific Turn-by-Turn Directions: Providing drivers with details on tight turns and high-traffic areas in advance of load pick-up/drop-off
  • Proprietary Dock411 Dock Information: Loading Dock details including wait times, weight limits, parking situations and load/unload procedures
  • LiFE–Curated Content Stream™: Serving drivers with content designed for self-improvement, from a spiritual, financial, social, physical, and environment perspective

“The My20 LiFE—Curated Content Stream™ includes content from leading Christian ministries and organizations, including daily devotionals from Boyd Bailey and Wisdom Hunters to inspire and comfort drivers while out on long runs away from their families,” said Evans.

My20 DriveLiFE™ version is free and currently available in the Apple App store (12/3/2019) and will be available in the Google Play store by 12/31/2019.

In March 2019, Konexial released the 2019 version of its My20 Tower, providing Fleet Managers with real-time data on all trucks and drivers on the road, and using ELD data to enable dynamic load matching.

In July 2019, Konexial announced the GoFuel discount program, providing instant fuel savings for drivers at nearly 500 travel stops across the United States. Compatible with current Comdata, EFS, or FleetOne cards, GoFuel discounts range from $.20- $.40 cents per gallon, with no cost or fees to ; the average monthly savings per truck is greater than $400 for full time OTR drivers versus retails.

In October 2019, Konexial announced the acquisition of Axle Technologies complete roster of ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and Fleet Management customers, converting all Axle devices to telematics technology by the FMCSA deadline on December 16.

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Will Haraway
Backbeat Marketing