APRIL: Andromeda Investissements acquires 10.18% of the share capital and voting rights

APRIL: Andromeda Investissements acquires 10.18% of the share capital and voting rights

The APRIL Group announces today the acquisition, by Andromeda Investissements, of Persée Participations’ stake in APRIL.

Andromeda Investissements, a holding company indirectly owned by funds managed by CVC Capital Partners, reported that it has entered into, on 30 December 2019, a share purchase agreement with Persée Participations relating to the 4,178,649 APRIL shares held by Persée Participations and representing 10.18% of the share capital and 10.18% of the voting rights in APRIL, at a price of €22 per APRIL share. Persée Participations will reinvest part of the sales proceeds in equity instruments alongside CVC and Evolem. The completion of the transaction is effective today.

Andromeda Investissements now holds 99.01% of the share capital and 98.71% of the voting rights in APRIL.

As indicated during the public tender offer initiated on 11 July 2019, Andromeda Investissements confirms its intention to file a buy-out offer followed by a squeeze-out, in order to acquire the outstanding shares in APRIL. This buy-out offer will be submitted to the review of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (“AMF”) as soon as possible after the announcement of the annual results of the APRIL Group for financial year 2019.

In accordance with article 261-1 of the AMF general regulations, the Board of Directors of APRIL will appoint an independent expert who will draw up a fairness opinion related to the financial terms of the buy-out offer followed by a squeeze-out.


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About the APRIL Group

Founded in 1988, APRIL is an international insurance services group operating in 28 countries, whose primary goal is to offer its clients a simpler and more accessible insurance experience. Its 3,900 staff members design, distribute and manage specialised insurance solutions (Health & Personal Protection, Property & Casualty, Mobility and Legal Protection) and assistance services for its partners and customers, including private individuals, professionals and businesses. Listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment B), the group posted sales of €997.2m in 2018.

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