Broadwind Energy Announces Rebrand To Broadwind

Cicero, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CICERO, Ill., Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Broadwind Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: BWEN) today announced that it has rebranded to Broadwind©.  The rebranding campaign, which includes a new logo and positioning, followed by an updated website, introduces the new Broadwind as a proven diversified precision manufacturer of specialized components and solutions serving global industries. 

Consistent with the broader corporate rebranding initiative, the Company’s Process Systems segment, which includes Red Wolf Company, has been renamed Broadwind Industrial Solutions, while the Towers and Heavy Fabrications segment has been renamed Broadwind Heavy Fabrications. 

“Broadwind has grown to become a recognized leader within the precision manufacturing space, one whose proven technical expertise and turnkey solutions have application across a wide range of global industries,” stated Stephanie Kushner, CEO of Broadwind.  “Our targeted focus on both customer and end-market diversification continues to make progress, positioning the business for increasingly stable, profitable growth through the cycle.  The rebranding is intended to better inform key stakeholders on how our business mix has evolved with time, while clearly defining who we are and how we win in the markets we serve.”

The rebranding campaign includes the tagline “Think Big”.  This statement reflects the Company’s deep technical expertise, unwavering commitment to its customers, creative approach to complex problem-solving and the large-scale components manufactured by the Company.  Broadwind provides a complete solution to its customers, from engineering, design and fabrication to supply chain solutions and kitting.

“The rebranding recognizes our long history as a valued partner to the wind energy industry, while highlighting our growing presence in new growth markets,” stated Eric Blashford, incoming CEO of Broadwind, effective March 1, 2020.  “To that end, we continue to invest in the people, processes and systems required to support market expansion, while continuing to provide existing customers with reliable, high-quality products and solutions. We believe the rebrand is supportive of our long-term strategy, one that emphasizes further end-market diversification as our top priority entering 2020.”

Forward-Looking Statements

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