World Finance shines a light on Russia’s oil-dependent economy, the opportunities for investment in Myanmar and the downfall of Facebook’s Libra in its winter edition

LONDON, Jan. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last year, Facebook introduced Libra to the world. The tech giant’s lofty ambitions for its digital currency were crushed when it not only failed to impress politicians but also saw some of its major partners withdraw from the project. In the latest edition of World Finance, Alex Katsomitros argues that, despite the currency’s setbacks, it has nonetheless left its mark on the world, prompting nations to seriously consider the adoption of sovereign digital currencies.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Charlotte Gifford explores the impact of climate change on Russia’s fossil fuel industry. With the permafrost thawing across Russia’s Arctic territory and with oil prices widely expected to peak in the next few decades, the country’s oil-reliant economy grows vulnerable. Without economic diversification and restructuring, Russia could be on the losing end of the global energy transition.

Meanwhile, Barclay Ballard looks at the key topics likely to be discussed at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. Held in Davos, Switzerland, this year’s conference is focused on forging a path towards greater economic collaboration as protectionist sentiment grows around the world.

Topics also covered in the winter edition of World Finance include India’s shadow banking crisis, Myanmar’s opportunity to build a thriving investment climate and the alarming erosion of central bank neutrality.

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