Tyler, TX, Jan. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TYLER, TX – Top performing marketing firm, Shen Solutions, has officially made plans to expand to their newest location in Lufkin, TX. The new expansion is on schedule to happen early 2020 and will bring not only new job opportunities for the city of Lufkin, but create a bigger network for Shen Solutions out of the Tyler, TX office.
Leading this expansion is new Assistant Marketing Manager, Brett Langenbau. With a major focus on leadership and mentorship, Shen Solution’s managing team believes with confidence that the new market will thrive as they carry over everything he has learned in the Tyler market.
Shen Solutions has become the fastest-growing marketing company in the Tyler area, focusing on client acquisitions and management development, it was no surprise that the marketing company made the decision to expand. As a leader in the marketing industry, Shen Solutions strategically selected this new location to accommodate the increase in market demands. However, it now appears this emerging business is looking to take on more territory.
“Obviously, we are excited about the reaching new goals and taking on more territory,” said President of Shen Solutions, William Chavez.” The company is growing, and we are even more excited to see the growth in this new market. With Mr. Langenbau we are confident that his leadership capabilities will bring the success we expect out of this market.”
Langenbau, born and raised in Tyler, TX has always had a competitive mindset. Originally went to school to follow his football passion and eventually become a football coach. Although football was his ultimate passion, he knew he wanted a change which is when he decided to apply to Shen Solutions.
“I felt stuck, once I received the interview with Shen Solutions I knew this opportunity would not always be here so I was not going to let it slip away,” said Assistant Manager Brett Langenbau. “I remember the exact date, April 27, 2019 when I decided to put my all into my job. I knew I wanted to succeed here and I knew my mentor at Shen Solutions would have my back. I am impressed with myself how far I have come since I decided to focus and make this job my priority.”
Once Shen Solutions really kicked off, Langenbau was there to witness it all. He quickly became the right-hand man to the CEO. His goal is to start the transition process from Tyler to Lufkin and have it go as smoothly as possible. The success of Shen Solutions in Tyler is a good indicator that this new office will be able to exceed the expectations of the clients and their customers. With such massive growth, comes exciting, motivating challenges and the entire Shen Solutions team cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!
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