Streetwise Reports Publishes 'Drone Technology Company Is in the Limelight Amid Data Security Concerns'

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drone data security has become a hot issue. The Department of the Interior last fall grounded its 1,000-strong drone fleet and in January announced a permanent halt to the use of drones because of security fears over the use of data generated from equipment made or partially made in China.

Company mentioned: Red Cat Holdings Inc. (RCAT:OTCMKTS)

Protection of data has become a major security issue, and small-cap Red Cat Holdings Inc. (RCAT:OTCMKTS) has a solution using blockchain to protect data. In an interview with Commercial UAV News, Red Cat CEO Jeff Thompson said, "When a government, any government, has to go through the same process and usage model as a consumer, including giving your data to a company in another country, that's a huge concern for governments across the globe. It's a big deal."

"Drones can do useful stuff for many governments across the globe, but that data has to be protected and secure and cannot be accessible to other governments who might use that data for bad things," Thompson stated.

Red Cat has been addressing this issue, "trying to make it so that drone manufacturers, through their process, can enable Red Cat to put the drone owner/operator in control of their own data, and make it so it cannot be accessed unless that drone operator wants it to be accessed," Thompson said.

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