Spirit Hub, Formerly BigFish Spirits, Rebrands To Align With New Integrated Customer Experience That Educates Consumers On Uncommon Craft Spirits

The announcement comes ahead of the e-commerce platform’s expansion beyond Illinois state lines, evolving into a hub for the most comprehensive information on independent distilleries

CHICAGO, Feb. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BigFish Spirits, an online marketplace for craft spirits, today announces its rebrand to Spirit Hub as the company evolves into the go-to online destination for customers to shop and learn about craft spirits and the independent distilleries behind each bottle. Since launching in Illinois on April 1, 2019, BigFish Spirits has established itself as an online retailer for craft spirits from the nation’s leading independent distilleries, delivering to Illinois residents. Under this new brand name, Spirit Hub will provide additional educational experiences that allow customers to understand and shop for products that fit their lifestyle.

With a renewed focus on the integrated customer experience, Spirit Hub has rolled out new shopping options that allow customers to identify certified organic, kosher, Non-GMO and gluten-free spirits, alongside advanced tasting profiles that cater toward individual preferences – i.e. really spicy rums or caramel notes in whiskey. The e-commerce platform is also adding short videos that tell unique stories about the independent distilleries to complement 360-degree bottle images and detailed descriptions of each spirit’s flavor profile, distillation process, plus industry trends and more. 

“As a company, we have always strived to give fans of craft spirits access to independent distilleries that they could not access before. This includes product education, brand awareness, great online experiences, bringing new distilleries to market regularly, and connecting distilleries directly with customers,” said Michael Weiss, CEO and Founder of Spirit Hub. “During our time as BigFish Spirits, customers had a hard time understanding what we do. Through qualitative and quantitative research, we identified that the brand change to Spirit Hub will ensure customers better understand our mission of delivering craft spirits from independent distilleries directly to their door.”

Spirit Hub is an industry disruptor that has successfully navigated the three-tier system of alcohol distribution. It has become one of the country’s foremost online retailers of craft spirits from independent distilleries that’s lawfully authorized to deliver straight to the customer’s door. In 2020, Spirit Hub expands its e-commerce delivery platform to Florida, Michigan and Massachusetts– with plans to enter every major market in the United States by 2025.

“’Spirit’ echoes the spirit of our independent brands and their commitment to their craft and the culture of distilling. ‘Hub’ lets customers know that this is the place to go for craft spirits and independent distilleries from around the world,” added Weiss.

Craft spirits continue to rise in popularity, and Spirit Hub’s business model is suited to accommodate the on-demand nature of today’s consumer and cater to new distilleries that struggle to reach new markets. The majority of craft spirits found on Spirit Hub’s platform are those that cannot be found on shelves at local grocery or liquor stores because in many cases the independent distilleries they come from don’t have a legal avenue to sell their product outside their home state. Spirit Hub helps these independently owned distilleries reach new customers by providing them a fully compliant way to sell their spirits direct-to-consumer in new markets. Customers can explore and shop unique craft spirits from around the world from any computer or mobile device.

To learn more about Spirit Hub and or to place an order, visit www.spirithub.com. Download the Spirit Hub app in the Apple Store or Google Play to browse and shop their uncommon craft spirits.

About Spirit Hub
Spirit Hub is an online hub for liquor enthusiasts and a destination for the most comprehensive information on independent distilleries and craft spirits. The company is a legally compliant online retailer of craft spirits that is lawfully authorized to deliver an exceptional collection of craft spirits straight to your door. Spirit Hub helps connect distilleries from around the world to new markets and introduce craft spirits to customers looking to broaden their horizons. Visit www.spirithub.com for more information about Spirit Hub, its independent distillery partners and the current inventory of craft spirits available.

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