94 Medical Record Retrieval Solutions Available In The Health & Human Service Field Offerings: An OPEN MINDS Analysis

Gettysburg, Pa, Feb. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an analysis of health and human service technology products available nationwide, OPEN MINDS found 94 that offer medical record retrieval functionality. Medical record retrieval technology products are defined as software that retrieves or extracts medical record data from service provider organizations for use in mainly clerical procedures. This data can be used for underwriting and claims in areas such as general health and disability. Medical record retrieval software is also helpful in maintaining HIPAA standards concerning consumer health information requests.

Of the 94 products, 73% (69) serve the residential and hospital-based acute care market, and 72% (68) serve the primary care market.

Medical Record Retrieval Technology Products
By Health & Human Service Market
Residential & Hospital-Based Acute Care69
Primary Care68
Mental Health62
Non-Hospital Based Acute Care62
Retail Clinics & Urgent Care58
Long Term Services & Supports56
Addiction Treatment50
Chronic Care Management49
Autism & I/DD Services42
Children & Family Services32
Social Services (Including Homeless)27
Adult Corrections Health Care27
Payers-Health Plans-Care Managers24
Juvenile Justice20

A comprehensive list of medical record retrieval health care technology products is available at HealthTechNavigator.org.

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