Key Capital Seeks Partners for Development of KV-C19 Coronavirus Therapeutic Vaccine Using Proven Immunotherapy Platform

KV-C19 is believed to have the potential to successfully treat COVID-19 and ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), the leading cause of COVID-19 deaths

PHOENIX, AZ, March 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC Pink: KCPC) advises its intention to explore partnering the development of a collaborative therapeutic vaccine candidate, KV-C19, with interested governments, agencies and investors. KV-C19 can be rapidly developed for treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19 patients, and advanced ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) cases. 

The opportunity is through an immunotherapy technology platform collaboration that includes successfully developed oral pill therapeutic vaccines that in patient studies have been demonstrated to be highly effective in the treatment of terminal and late stage cancers, TB, Hepatitis, and other serious conditions.

The rapidly spreading Coronavirus is close to pandemic, as is being evidenced by its escalating spread in over 72 countries. Its social and economic costs are already daunting; equity markets lost approximately US$8 trillion in a little over a week; California yesterday, followed Washington in announcing a state of emergency; country travel bans are being activated; cities and factories in China have been shut down, as is also the case with many industries, schools, conferences, sporting events etc. in other countries; globally around 290 million children have seen their schools close; airlines are grounding planes; Starbucks has stopped refilling coffee; and the containment initiative reports keep coming in. The unfortunate reality is if there is no significant breakthrough treatment soon, global economies will further deteriorate dramatically as infection, deaths, and hardship increase.

As at the time of writing, 97,837 people globally have been infected with 3,347 deaths recorded, See: As there is currently no known treatment or cure for this Coronavirus, until a vaccine and/or treatment is developed, containment and prevention are the only way that the spread of the disease can at least be controlled to some degree. 

The KV-C19 therapeutic immunotherapy vaccine development centers around the relatively new concept of using a therapeutic vaccine to primarily treat a disease rather than preventing it. A therapeutic immunotherapy vaccine treatment stimulates the body’s immunological system in situations in which the body is insufficiently capable of developing an effective response to disease cause. The proposed KV-C19 therapeutic immunotherapy vaccine will be orally administered and absorbed through the mucosa of the human gut. To the Company’s knowledge, the immunotherapy treatment products developed to date are the only products demonstrating success as an oral vaccine to treat terminal and late stage cancers, TB, and many other serious conditions – and the only known treatment available as a simple pill without side effects.

Of specific significance in the case of COVID-19 is that almost all infectious viruses enter the host through mucous membranes. Therefore, mucosal immunity, rather than systemic, is essential to maximally protect against any such transmitted pathogens. The promise for KV-C19 is that the oral therapeutic vaccine could confer treatment and local immunity, not only at the site of delivery, but also on the surface of other mucosal membranes. This could eventually also induce systemic immunity and see the body’s own immune system kill the virus and enable the patient to achieve full recovery. 

“In the current situation, urgent treatment intervention as soon as practically possible will not only save lives, but significantly mitigate the risks of financial damage for many people individually and for businesses and global economies,” said Key Capital Corporation Chairman Mr. Peter Boonen. “We believe that we have a viable and low-cost therapeutic solution that could potentially be available to a mass global market in as little as six months. In the current situation, where the Coronavirus threatens to become pandemic; where there is increasing global fear and panic; where resources are being stretched to their limits; where the economic cost is already in trillions of dollars; we believe we have something to offer and that prospective partners will recognize we may well represent an immediate potential solution.”  

Mr. Boonen further advised; “To proceed in this imperative initiative Key Capital will require partnered investment and, therefore, welcomes inquiry and interest as through partnering with stakeholders we can be production ready within months with possibly a most viable and economically sensible solution.”

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Development of the KV-C19 therapeutic vaccine is through the Company’s Life Sciences division that the Company is planning to spin-off in late 2020 or early 2021. See:

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