NASHUA, N.H., March 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dresner Advisory Services today announced that the 2020 Real Business Intelligence® conference will be moved to later in the summer.  The Real BI Conference is the only industry event for business and IT communities focused completely on real world best practices and proven methods for business intelligence, analytics, information management, and performance management.   

The 2020 Real Business Intelligence Conference will now be held August 11-12, 2020, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Tang Center in Cambridge, MA. The focus of the two-day, single track event will be on strategies for success, providing attendees with pragmatic and actionable takeaways. Registration for this premier event is open at

“Acting with an abundance of caution, and with public safety in mind, we decided it would best to move our event from the spring to the summer,” said Howard Dresner, conference chair of the 2020 Real BI Conference. “In moving our event out by three months, we are hopeful that the coronavirus outbreak will have eased by then.”

The premier event features an exciting roster of topics and speakers, including:

  • How Charts Lie: What You Design is Not What People See: The Power and Danger of Data Visualization - Professor Alberto Cairo, Professor of visual journalism at the University of Miami School of Communication and author of How Charts Lie
  • The Derivation of Unique Solutions and Future Trajectories through the Simultaneous Exploration of Intrinsic Multi-Domain Synergies - Astronaut Story Musgrave (Retired)
  • Storytelling with Data: Bringing Data to Life Through Pictures and Story - Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, CEO and author of Storytelling with Data
  • Understanding Emotional Needs and Experiential Desires of Consumers through Data Analytics - Gebhard Rainer, CEO of Sandals Resorts
  • The Shape and Substance of Data and Analytics in a Distant Place and Time:  Explorations of Khipu Accounting in the Inca Empire - Professor Gary Urton, Archaeology Professor at Harvard University and an expert on the Incan Empire and the Khipu

For more information, visit Winter pricing is in effect through March 21, 2020.

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