Beachhead Solutions Offering MSPs and Their Clients Free Temporary Licenses to Accommodate Surge in Remote Workers

Additional SimplySecure licenses immediately available to MSPs and their clients to ensure device and data security while employees work remotely

San Jose,

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced MSPs can add free licenses to their current SimplySecure license allocation to address the sudden surge of remote workers. The free license offer can be used for MSPs’ own employees and/or for their clients and their employees.  Many of these devices have not been used for remote work-related activity and therefore have not been exposed to the same level of organizational security risk as they now are under these new circumstances.

The free SimplySecure licenses are valid for the remainder of March, April, and May. Beachhead will review the status of the outbreak and extend as necessary. MSPs should take the following actions to quickly receive their additional licenses:

  1. Submit their request to and with the number of licenses needed. If more than a 20% addition of free licenses is needed, Beachhead will likely accommodate this request.
  2. Indicate which clients the licenses are for (as named in the SimplySecure console).
  3. If the licenses are no longer needed after May, MSPs can simply remove them from the SimplySecure console.

“We’ve begun getting requests from MSPs for temporary SimplySecure licenses to accommodate employees (both their own and their clients’) that are being encouraged to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales & Channel Development, Beachhead Solutions. “We’d begun informally granting these licenses for free and would like to extend this offer throughout this uncertain time.”

About Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions delivers cloud-based data security and encryption – built for seamless MSP portfolio integration – through its robust SimplySecure for MSPs™ platform. From a single multi-tenanted console, MSPs can enforce encryption and remote data access control for clients’ Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, USB storage devices, and Windows Servers. With features including remote data wipe and quarantine – as well as full monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities – MSPs use the Beachhead platform to deliver Compliance- as-a-Service, helping them win (and keep) more client business.