Groundbreaking Virtual Communication Technology Now Available For All Corporate Annual Shareholder Meetings Affected by COVID-19

As corporate issuers move to host annual shareholder meetings virtually, SayConnect recreates dynamics of physical meetings for companies to increase engagement with shareholders

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, March 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Say, a technology company reshaping shareholder communications, is offering its shareholder engagement service, SayConnect, for free to all public companies whose meetings are affected by COVID-19. As many annual general meetings are forced to go virtual-only, SayConnect enables continued dialogue between companies and their shareholders. The platform recreates many of the dynamics of physical meetings by enabling all investors to voice questions to executives and interact with each other, producing far more shareholder engagement than existing virtual solutions.

“One of the common critiques of virtual meetings is that they allow fewer opportunities for investors to participate, given the lack of a live Q&A session and the benefits of in-person interaction” said Alex Lebow, co-founder of Say. “The concern isn’t about the meeting being online, it’s about transparency and shareholder inclusion.”

With SayConnect, shareholders will be able to hear from other shareholders and ensure that management answers questions on the most important topics.

Say recently partnered with Fidelity to allow their mobile app users to directly ask questions to Elon Musk at Tesla’s last earnings call, where active participants represented $35B in Tesla market value and 30% of its market cap.

Tesla on SayConnect: "We love your system and want to use it for all events from now on. This should become a template that other companies simply copy and use.”

By using Say, companies can efficiently address the top questions from their shareholder bases while keeping the meeting organized and efficient. SayConnect verifies share ownership, lets investors ask their own questions, and allows investors to support questions submitted by others. The best questions (as determined by number of shares voting or investors participating) are ranked highest, making it easy for management to address the most relevant topics.

“By offering SayConnect to companies in need, we’re making communicating with shareholders easier and more transparent during this difficult time,” said CEO Laurent Paulhac. “We’ve seen incredible engagement from investors on our platform and hope to continue expanding open dialogue between companies and shareholders.”

Despite the large disruptions caused by COVID-19, Say believes that this proxy season, it is more important than ever for companies to effectively communicate with their shareholders. Say hopes its platform will enable companies to maintain transparency and dialogue during this difficult time.

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