Bin There Dump That Offers Spring Cleaning Tips for Garages and Storage Areas

Leading residential-friendly dumpster specialist suggests property owners turn COVID-19 restrictions into an opportunity for a timely clean-up project

ONTARIO, March 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For many, spring is the season that symbolizes new beginnings. As spring approaches this year, however, home and business owners find themselves coping with an unprecedented situation – with limits on travel, shopping, activities, and interaction with other people in general. As an approved essential service, however, Bin There Dump That franchises are authorized to continue to operate. The clean-up professionals at Bin There Dump That, North America`s leading residential friendly dumpster company, say this means that this year’s “social distancing” restrictions, while stressful and frustrating, may offer property owners an unexpected opportunity to make a new beginning in their home or business. 

Whether your commute has been shortened to a walk down the hall or you find yourself confined to your home with time on your hands, John Ferracuti, COO of Bin There Dump That, suggests that a spring cleaning project is a great way to put that unexpected “spare time” to good use. “Warmer weather means you’ll soon need access to your gardening tools, planters, and patio furniture along with your bicycles, racquets, balls, bats, water toys, and more,” says Ferracuti. “If you clean out your garage, porch, shed, basement, or other storage area now, your tools and toys will be easy to access as soon as current restrictions are lifted.”

Bin There Dump That experts offer the following tips to help home and business owners create and carry-out a storage area Spring Cleaning plan, no matter what is hanging, standing, stacked, or propped-up in their way.  

  1. Commit.
    Set a date for “Project Spring Cleanup”, and arrange for a dumpster rental. Dumpster consultants will help you choose the size you’ll need. A dumpster with a double door feature makes it easy to walk – rather than toss - large, bulky items in. If you think you need help filling your dumpster up, share the rental cost with a neighbor.
  2. Divide and conquer.
    Before your dumpster arrives, look around your storage space or spaces and make a list – or label – the items you are going to donate/sell, replace, or toss.
  3. Plan your space.
    Reserve floor space in garages and sheds for heavy equipment like your car or riding mower – and for easy access to stored gear. For everything else, get creative with steel racks, shelving, overhead lofts, and ways to hang things from the ceiling of your space.
  4. Out with the old.
    On the day your dumpster arrives, grab your heavy-duty gloves and begin moving stuff out, discarding designated items into your dumpster as you go. Move your “keep” and “sell/donate” items to temporary holding spots.
  5. Spruce up and set up.
    Once the clean-out is complete, sweep, scrub, and even paint your storage space or spaces and install your new storage solutions. Then, put your storage plan into play and put everything from your “keep” pile in its place – easy to find, and easy to reach.

“Don’t be tempted to return those ‘sell/donate’ items to your newly organized space,” says Ferracuti. “While it may not be possible to schedule a yard sale alone or with your neighbors in the near future, you can plan to sell your items online or arrange to have them picked up by a charitable organization. Then, each time you open your garage or storage area door, you’ll feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Even better, you’ll look back at the time you spent cleaning as time well spent, as you enjoy having easy access to all your tools, toys, and equipment.”

Bin There Dump That is the Residential-Friendly Dumpster Service company, providing dumpsters ranging in capacity up to twenty yards to accommodate a wide variety of residential projects from simple clean-ups to major renovations. Dumpster scheduling, including delivery and pick-up, is handled via phone or online, requiring no face-to-face interaction with the property owner.  For more Spring Cleanup tips, or to learn more about Bin There Dump That, please visit


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