AssistRx Debuts New Website following Record Growth and Enterprise Expansion

Therapy initiation and patient support company added three locations in past six months, following investments in technology- and talent-enabled solutions

ORLANDO, Fla., April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AssistRx, the intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solutions provider, today announced the launch of a new website to reflect the organization’s exponential growth, added services to its enterprise solution and expanded value proposition to the specialty pharmaceutical market. The new website is part of an updated brand position implemented to encapsulate the 10-year-old company’s expanded value to enable its customer to increase patient uptake, gain therapy visibility and improve outcomes.

AssistRx has helped more than 52,000 providers better serve their patients, while also helping more than 500,000 patients and their families get the patient started on and stay adherent to life-saving medications. Last year, AssistRx managed more than 100 programs for 45 pharmaceutical clients, including seven out of the 10 largest U.S. biotech companies.

The new website addresses the unique needs of each segment of the specialty pharmaceutical industry AssistRx serves, including life sciences organizations, healthcare providers, specialty pharmacies and patient support providers. It also details the organization’s key service offerings, including patient access and clinical support services, non-commercial specialty pharmacy services, directive analytics and e-support services—such as e-benefit verification, e-prior authorizations, e-prescribing and more—that are integrated into the iAssist specialty therapy initiation platform, branded engagement sites and customer’s brand websites.

In the past two years, AssistRx has experienced explosive growth, bringing the company from 170 employees in one location in south Orlando to more than 500 employees in five locations across the country, including a non-commercial specialty pharmacy in Overland Park, Kansas, newly opened technology-focused locations in Des Moines, Iowa and downtown Orlando, an alternative model cash pharmacy at a third Orlando location, and a national network of more than 225 field nurses across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

“Our growth is due to our investment in technology and talent solutions that holistically address the evolving needs of our life sciences partners. With all the changes our organization has experienced, it was time we changed our branding to reflect our new positioning in the market,” said Edward Hensley, co-founder and chief commercial officer. “I am proud to share our enterprise solution value—to leverage an intentional integration of technology and therapy expertise to deliver informed touchpoints, simplifying a complex system to enable better results for today’s patients—and the contributions our people make to transform lives through access to therapy.”

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AssistRx has engineered the perfect blend of technology and talent to provide manufacturers with an intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solution to improve patient uptake, visibility and outcomes. Our solution integrates technology and therapy expertise to advance patient therapy in a more efficient and effective manner—delivering informed touchpoints that simplify a complex system to enable better results for today’s patients. For more information, visit

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