Workplace Safety Enables Business Continuity

Providing Companies With Ready Means to Continuously Assess Health Safety Before Employees May Return to Work

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  • Reduce Employer's Liabilities
  • Empower Employees' Responsibility for their Safety at Work
  • Promptly Mitigate Any Emergent Risks While Increasing Employee Morale
  • Maximize Efforts to Minimize the Likelihood of Workplace Virus Contamination

Serinus Health, a leader in remote health monitoring, has the solution to help employers (businesses) minimize COVID-19 ongoing risks in the workplace from employees returning (daily) to work. Serinus enables early detection of any individual emergent health risk and/or illness through timely symptoms screening & vitals monitoring. Early detection of possible risks will trigger prompt and relevant health professional consultation to make an informed decision and/or to confirm certain actions (virus testing) have been taken, before returning to the workplace. Serinus services and related workflow are flexible and can be adapted to each particular workplace or company requirements to minimize any impact on workplace productivity


Serinus Health provides employers and businesses with the information and decision criteria to perform the critical task of maintaining workplace safety on a daily basis. This in turn empowers employees to be participants of their own safety in the workplace, increasing morale and sense of wellbeing.  

In a time where social distancing begins to relax and stay-at-home orders are being lifted, it is critical to ensure exposure to possible health risks is kept to a minimum for businesses’ employees and to ensure business continuity. 

Serinus Health is a leader in Remote Patient Monitoring at home for early detection of health risk changes. Risk changes trigger automated alerts to our care team. Upon receiving an alert, Serinus conducts a real-time health assessment tailored to patient's condition. Furthermore, Serinus' platform enables physicians to provide "Care When and Where is Needed' using evidence-based Tele-Medicine to patients at home.

Serinus has the most flexible array of health monitoring tools for total patient flexibility, including automated apps; smart Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants via Voice or Texting; and data concentrators for vital automatic transmissions via cell networks. Serinus smart cloud applications detect and send automated Alerts upon detection of vital abnormalities, while physicians and care teams have access to real-time patient vitals dashboards.

Fernando Salgado