OSS Gen 4 PCIe Production Orders in 2020 Top $3.5 Million

Escondido, California, UNITED STATES

ESCONDIDO, Calif., May 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One Stop Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: OSS) has received more than $3.5 million in production orders for its new Gen 4 PCIe products from multiple OEM customers for delivery in 2020. As the first company to introduce Gen 4-based components to the market, the orders demonstrate OSS’ continued leadership in high-performance edge computing.

The Gen 4 PCIe production orders include those placed by a market leader in NVMe flash memory testing and validation tools. The customer plans to incorporate two OSS Gen 4 PCIe cable adapters and an OSS Gen 4 backplane in its testing equipment. The equipment will ultimately be used by Tier 1 NVMe flash memory vendors that provide high-performance SSD storage for the next generation of gaming laptops, mobile workstations, public and private cloud datacenter and AI on the Fly® edge computing infrastructure.

Other orders include the OSS PCIe Gen 4 all-flash array StorageBox 2000 to be used by an Asian flash memory manufacturer, with additional orders for two data center applications in partnership with Liqid, a provider of software-defined composable infrastructure. One data center application will use a OSS 4UV Gen 4 storage system and the other a OSS Gen 4 GPU acceleration system. These composable infrastructure solutions are designed to double datacenter hardware speed and utilization versus previous Gen 3-based systems.

“OSS was the first-to-market with Gen 4 solutions, doubling the performance of the most demanding of HPC deployments on the edge,” noted Jim Ison, OSS chief sales and marketing officer. “Working closely with our customers and partners, OSS is leading the global transition to Gen 4.”

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) designs and manufactures innovative specialized high-performance computing modules and systems, including customized servers, compute accelerators, expansion systems, flash storage arrays and Ion Accelerator storage software. These products are used for deep learning, AI, defense, finance and entertainment applications, and empower scientists, engineers, creators and other professionals to push the boundaries of their industries.

OSS utilizes the power of PCI Express, the latest GPU accelerators and NVMe storage to build award-winning systems, including many industry firsts, for OEMs and government customers. The company enables AI on the Fly® by bringing AI datacenter performance to ‘the edge’ and on mobile platforms, and by addressing the entire AI workflow, from high speed data acquisition to deep learning, training and inference. OSS products are available directly or through global distributors. For more information, go to www.onestopsystems.com.

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