Author Shares Extraordinary Encounters with God in Debut Faith-Based Book

In ‘Rivers Wanted,’ Rivers Teske invites readers to deepen their faith and lean on the Lord in times of strife and uncertainty

DALLAS, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Faith leader and author Rivers Teske has published the inspiring account of God’s intervention in and transformation of her life. In “Rivers Wanted: Does God Still Speak Today? Extraordinary Dreams and Visions from God to Encourage Your Life,” Teske shares how she overcame fears, tragedy, and uncertainty through divine experiences communicating with God, encountering heaven, and receiving His unconditional love.

After spending 23 years in ministry as a pastor’s wife, Teske found herself in a dark place filled with fear and anxiety. She cried out to God asking for a sign that He existed, pleading for him to help her understand if He cared for her at all. One day, she encountered a sign at an eatery – fittingly named Angels Restaurant – that simply read “RIVERS WANTED”. In that moment, she knew she was desired and deeply, endlessly loved.

“I don’t know where I would personally be without this renewed and reborn relationship with God,” Teske said. “The human spirit is amazing if we have Him by our side. He walks before us, behind us, and beside us. He is good, He is in control of all and knows what He is doing. All it takes is trust and attention to the merest of signs to turn a life around in the same way mine was.”

Peppered with Teske’s deeply sensory descriptions of her God-given dreams and visions, “Rivers Wanted” teaches readers that there is no need to fear, that heaven is real, and that God will forever seek after them and never abandon them. Ultimately, Teske wrote “Rivers Wanted” to remind others that God still speaks today, and he can be trusted to come to one’s aid in the face of any challenge.

“I loved the personally authentic, challenging story line of ‘Rivers Wanted,’” a reader wrote in a five-star review of the book on Amazon. “… It is a thought provoking, non-traditional faith building, powerful narrative, written in a fresh, humble and unique style. Read ‘Rivers Wanted,’ you just may be motivated to begin a new God adventure!”

“Rivers Wanted: Does God Still Speak Today? Extraordinary Dreams and Visions from God to Encourage Your Life”

By Rivers Teske

ISBN: 978-1-9736-7832-8 (hardcover); 978-1-9736-7831-1 (softcover);

978-1-9736-7830-4 (e-book)

Available through WestBow Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

About the author

Rivers Teske is an author, international speaker, and faith leader who is passionate about bringing others her powerful message of hope, encouragement, and certainty of an afterlife for those facing life crises or death. Teske overcame her own fear of death and dying when she was taken to heaven and met God. She studied at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and she currently resides in Dallas. To learn more, please visit

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