Writer Depicts Successful Search for Uncle 60 Years after Korean War in New Book

In ‘A Korean War Odyssey: Bringing Home Uncle Donnie – MIA in Korea since 1950,’ author Tom Gormley shows how far a family will go to bring a loved one home from war decades after his disappearance

DENVER, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Families will go to great lengths to see those they love return home from war – even after more than half a century. In his debut book, “A Korean War Odyssey: Bringing Home Uncle Donnie – MIA in Korea since 1950,” author Tom Gormley shares his inspiring journey around the world with his wife, Sandy, to uncover what truly happened to her uncle, Corporal Donald Matney, who disappeared during the Korean War at the young age of 18.

It was at first a photo of a young soldier in his mother-in-law’s kitchen that piqued Gormley’s interest in Uncle Donnie and his unsolved disappearance. Over time, curiosity transformed into action. Embarking on a great adventure that would take them from Washington DC to Korea and many other locales, the couple set out on a mission to return Donnie’s remains to a permanent resting place next to his mother in Missouri and, ultimately, piece their family and its history back together.

“To the family of missing service personnel, some questions linger forever in the recesses of their minds. As spouses, siblings, and other relatives of the missing pass away, another generation may take up the call to find our loved ones who went missing,” Gormley said. “This book gives answers to only one of the missing. It is a start. I hope that it will shed light on the struggle many families face to get answers.”

“A Korean War Odyssey,” which was awarded the Golden Seal of Literary Excellence by Trafford Publishing, provides necessary commentary and historical relevance even today. Through Gormley’s book, those who have lost loved ones during the Forgotten War may be able to garner a better understanding of what might have happened to their missing friends or family. The book also provides an important modern viewpoint on why the U.S. continues to have a presence in Korea.

“In his debut, Gormley offers an easy-to-digest play-by-play of the Korean War in an authentic, easygoing style,” a Kirkus reviewer wrote about “A Korean War Odyssey”.

“A well-researched, well-written condensed history of the Korean War and a detailed explanation of finding, identifying and honoring the war's fallen… ‘A Korean War Odyssey’ is a good read and an important reminder of the costs of the ‘Forgotten War,’” a reader wrote in a five-star Amazon review of the book.

“With engaging facts about the forensics process involved for such reclamations, the author’s work will appeal to those who are interested in the forensics side of both history and current events,” a reviewer for the U.S. Review of Books wrote about the book. “The text also strongly depicts the long-lasting consequences of war on families, which makes it a must-read for anyone interested in the social, political, and generational aspects of military conflict.”

“A Korean War Odyssey: Bringing Home Uncle Donnie – MIA in Korea Since 1950”

By Tom Gormley

ISBN: 978-1-4907-9920-9 (softcover); 978-1-4907-9919-3 (hardcover); 978-1-4907-9918-6 (electronic)

Available at the Trafford Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Tom Gormley is an Ohio native who graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and went on to earn his master’s degree in business administration from Colorado State University. Gormley has more than 40 years of business experience in high-tech industries and enjoys pursuing his passions for writing, history, and travel. He and his wife, Sandy, currently call Colorado their home. To learn more, please visit www.tomgormley.com.

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