Preparation for the Return of Jesus Christ Encouraged in New Spiritual Book

Author Sarah A. Jones helps readers seek God and grow closer to him in 'Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival'

BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a central message that Jesus wants to give everyone eternal life, author Sarah A. Jones stresses the importance of a strong relationship with Christ in her new book, “Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival”. Utilizing her extensive knowledge of the Bible and devotion towards helping others develop a strong spiritual connection, she focuses on educating readers about the prophesied second coming of Jesus Christ and encourages them to take profound moral inventories.


This captivating read focuses on a life renewed by the word of God and it is the author’s hope that this book will encourage readers to allow God to speak to their hearts.


“This is a book of facts and truth according to God's word that will show you to the One who can give you eternal life,” Jones said about the book. “I pray that this book will bless all who read it and inspire them to seek God and draw closer to Him so they can be prepared for His Son Jesus Christ’s arrival.”


Through an emphasis on repenting and asking forgiveness from God for sins committed, Jones explores how one can ready themselves to receive His love, mercy and grace. This powerful book is a beautiful look at the life that awaits those who prepare for His return.


During these perilous times, “Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival” is meant to encourage, inform, and inspire readers to build upon their faith and connect or reconnect with God.


“Behold! The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Is Near: He Wants Us to Be Prepared for His Arrival”

By Sarah A. Jones

ISBN: 9781973666653 (softcover); 9781973666660 (hardcover); 9781973666646 (electronic)

Available at the Westbow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Sarah A. Jones is an Ambassador for God the Father; Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and has a heart for all people. She is an ordained Minister and completed studies in Business Administration, Religion, Theology, and Christian Education. She received her Doctor of Theology from Mt Olive Bible Institute and Seminary/International Theological Seminary in New York. She has published before with the release of “My Dreams, My Interpretations: Night Visions in My Head” Volumes 1 and 2. Her desire is to encourage, enlighten, and to speak the truth based on the Word of God through this book. Sarah lives in New York with her family, and frequently vacations in Northern Virginia. To learn more, please visit


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