VeganNation’s VeganPay collaboration with tech giants IBM and Stripe takes plant-based food supply and sustainability to the next level

Bnei Brak, ISRAEL

VeganPay digital wallet ushers in the first ever dedicated global payment ecosystem specifically for the benefit of conscious consumers and businesses worldwide

LONDON, May 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VeganNation announced an app update that introduced radical new features including the company’s B2B and B2C VeganPay digital payments solution, localized marketplaces and a new communities section. VeganNation intends to fully unite the global vegan community with its emerging technology platform at the heart of the world’s first vegan ecosystem. The company aims to leverage the best technological and financial available to effect a digital transformation to advance the global plant-based and sustainable value chain.

“With humanity on the verge of a total consciousness transformation in consumerism and lifestyle, we see the need to evolve the energy of money, the way of doing business and how we connect with one another,” said VeganNation CEO and founder Isaac Thomas. “ApplePay and GooglePay clearly dominate the money-centric payments wallet market today, but now with the arrival of values-centric VeganPay, conscious consumers finally get their own financial transaction platform.”

Pivotal to the development of VeganPay is VeganNation’s technology partnership with Stripe.  Closely-coupled integration with Stripe’s robust and secure economic infrastructure makes VeganPay a fully functioning digital wallet for conscious consumers and helps small businesses both financially and technologically. VeganNation’s alignment with a payment-solution provider of this magnitude and market penetration immediately establishes VeganPay as a trusted payment solution for every vegan business, manufacturer, organization and individual.

Additionally, VeganPay recently got a major boost when VeganNation was accepted into a special IBM accelerator helping to rapidly advance the VeganNation infrastructure work with the introduction of top blockchain supply chain verification processes, ensuring the discerning vegan community will enjoy full transparency on all products across the ecosystem.

“This is a new era for the global vegan community, now as we unite, organize on a shared platform for the first time, and empower each other to grow and flourish,” enthused VeganNation CTO Rena Thomas.

Along with the VeganPay digital wallet comes VeganNation’s new marketplace with a focus on local trade of goods and services. With every VeganPay transaction, users will receive VeganCoin (VeganNation’s community-governed digital currency) incentives through the apps loyalty program which connects businesses and customers.

VeganNation rolled out its new features last week, and the latest version of the app is available immediately for both iOS and Android devices.

About VeganNation
The VeganNation ecosystem unites individuals, businesses and organizations to discover, share and trade goods and services based on vegan values and lifestyles. Empowered by its VeganCoin currency, VeganNation is leading the vegan community with a sophisticated technology platform that enables a robust vegan economy to flourish.

VeganNation was founded by four childhood friends and family: Isaac Thomas, Yossi Rayby, Shneor Shapira and Chaya Rena Thomas. The company supports cruelty-free trade and promotes a vegan lifestyle and sustainable consumption. Visit the website at, download the VeganNation app on a smartphone, and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.