Mocana Recognized as Industry Leader in Cybersecurity and the Industrial Internet of Things

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mocana Corporation, a leading provider of integrated device security solutions for IoT and control systems, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 companies to follow by Cybercrime Magazine.  In another industry ranking, the company was cited by influencer research service Onalytica as a Top 50 global brand influencer for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“As hackers grow more daring and sophisticated, robust security measures are a must for any business,” Cybercrime Magazine reported. “The companies that provide the tools and services to fight these threats are likewise continually improving. To know how to defend your business and clients best, you need to be aware of cybersecurity industry leaders.”

Mocana was lauded for its alternative approach to standard security strategies based on threat detection.  Instead, the company was showcased for offering a “proactive, preventative” solution for a variety industrial, military, business, government, and consumer sectors. 

“The wider global application of IIoT in the process industries and critical infrastructure has significantly heightened our awareness of risk,” said Dave Smith, president of Mocana. “The threat now comes from many sources, including cybercriminals, nation-states and insiders. Reactive cybersecurity strategies are simply not enough to thwart the increasing sophistication of attack methods. Protection has to be built in to systems and devices to create an impenetrable hardened core.”

In another key industry recognition, Mocana was listed among the Top 50 IIoT brands by Onalytica, a company that provides market intelligence on global influencers and brands. Onalytica analyzed 2.2 million posts on social media to identify companies that demonstrate leadership on transformative solutions for an interconnected industrial and consumer world.

Mocana’s solution enables enterprises to securely scale the management of IoT and IIoT devices from inception to end-of-life, enabling self-protecting devices and systems that can be remotely managed and automatically and securely updated to address new risks.

The company’s products include TrustPoint, TrustCenter and TrustCore. TrustPoint is an on-device security software solution that simplifies and lowers the cost of protecting devices and managing the security lifecycle. It works in concert with TrustCenter, the first security orchestration platform focused entirely on IoT/IIoT devices. The TrustCore development platform provides an innovative solution to empower application developers with a simple set of APIs to leverage data privacy and protection controls for safety, security and compliance without extensive re-engineering. Combined, these products ensure that devices are trusted and tamper-proof with credentials and software updates that are provisioned and managed to minimize vulnerabilities and promote scalability.

Mocana’s comprehensive platform-based solution protects the entire supply chain from embedded chips to the applications that drive them. Mocana is the market leader with more than 200 customers and 100 million IoT/IIoT devices protected.

About Mocana Corporation

Mocana provides cyber protection for IoT, operational technology (OT) and mission-critical systems. The company’s proven on-device cybersecurity software and life cycle management platform enable manufacturers and industrial companies to build self-defending systems that are tamper-resistant. Mocana’s tightly integrated solutions help companies minimize the risk of a cyber breach, comply with industry standards, and protect intellectual property by ensuring that devices and processes are trusted end-to-end, from device manufacturing to deployment. Unlike IT network security approaches, Mocana enables devices to protect themselves and prevent malware from being installed. Founded in 2002, Mocana protects more than 100 million devices and is trusted by the world’s largest aerospace, industrial, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications companies. Learn more at

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