Ramp Awarded 2020 TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award

Ramp eCDN Honored for Exceptional Innovation

BOSTON, June 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ramp, the leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named both Multicast+ and OmniCache™ as a 2020 TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award winner presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

The TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award honors products that display innovation, unique features, and significant contributions toward improving communications technology. The awards are bestowed to those companies demonstrating ground-breaking contributions to the industry.

“Video has quickly become one of the most essential business tools, but it can have a negative impact on any corporate network’s performance,” said Anthony D’Amore, Ramp Co-CEO. “At Ramp, our focus is on solving the challenges that come with video distribution regardless of network, use case or streaming platform. We are proud to be honored by TMC for our flagship eCDN solutions, Multicast+ and OmniCache.”

Ramp provides a suite of enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions specifically designed to reduce network congestion created by live and on-demand video streaming on corporate networks. Using multicasting, video caching, peer-to-peer network, or any combination of the three, customers can stream secure, high-quality video to large audiences without worrying about network performance—or complaints about buffering and delays from viewers.

Ramp Multicast+ is the most efficient way to stream live video. It takes advantage of the multicast protocol to send a single video stream to everyone on the network without consuming any more bandwidth than is needed for one viewer. Customers maintain a highly predictable and deterministic network whether they have 100, 10,000 or 100,000 viewers.

Ramp OmniCache is an intelligent video caching solution that redistributes video in nearly any format from virtually any streaming video source. Unlike other eCDNs, viewers can watch both live streams and video on demand (VOD) without installing software or plugins on their PC, tablet or mobile phone. OmniCache software is deployed on the LAN and/or in data centers to serve video to nearby viewers. By redistributing video locally, customers save 90 percent or more on WAN and internet bandwidth.

“The TMC Labs INTERNET TELEPHONY Innovation Award recognizes the best and the most unique products and services that this industry has to offer. Ramp has proven their commitment to quality and the further development of the IP communications industry through its eCDN solutions,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Congratulations to the entire team at Ramp for earning this great honor. I look forward to seeing more innovative solutions from them as they continue to contribute to the future of IP communications,” Tehrani added.

The 2020 TMC Labs Innovation Award winners will be highlighted on TMCnet and INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine’s online news portal.

About Ramp
Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of live and on-demand streaming video. Our enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions drastically reduce the bandwidth needed to stream uninterrupted, high-quality video on corporate networks. Using multicasting, video caching, peer-to-peer networking, or any combination, Ramp is the eCDN for all—all enterprises, all networks, all use cases, and all streaming platforms. Ramp works with virtually any modern platform and is tightly integrated with leading streaming video solutions. Our software deploys entirely behind your firewall for maximum security and scales easily as demand for video grows. With centralized management, monitoring and insightful analytics, you get unprecedented visibility into and control over network performance to deliver the highest-quality viewer experience. Visit rampecdn.com for more information.

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