Writer Depicts Life After Death in New Book on Husband’s Passing

Widowed mother of two, Shannon Savage, depicts how she managed to keep her family together after a freak accident killed her husband and tore her happy family apart in her debut book, “My Walk in June”

MEDINA, OH, June 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Going on a camping trip is an annual tradition for most families, filled with good times and fond memories that last a lifetime. But when the Savages went camping back in 2010, they had no idea the memories they would walk away with would scar them forever. A freak tornado in Pennsylvania flipped their family camper on Shannon’s husband and crushed him to death. Shannon went into the trip as a happy wife and mother but left as a widow to two children aged two and five, burdened with helping them heal before she could heal herself years later through the production of her book, “My Walk in June”.

Savage began the book years ago to help herself heal from the sudden loss of the love of her life. As her children grew, documenting her feelings went to the back burner as she had to be both parents and support her sons in every way she could. As her children grew older and more independent, she turned back to her writing and found almost a decade later she had never fully healed from her loss. She wrote this book to help others who may feel the same isolation she did, and to highlight how her faith was essential to her healing.

“I aspire to be a positive force that can help others see that God uses the worst circumstances for ultimate good.  It's not always easy, but my faith is embedded deep. I love to talk about my journey, my tragedy and my walk with God to provide encouragement and hope to others who may need it,” the author said.

“Beautifully written and you feel the emotion throughout the entire book. Such a powerful message, truly a great book,” a reviewer wrote about the book.

Readers will find solace in Savage’s words, as her story resonates with anyone that has experienced loss of any type at any time in their lives. “My Walk in June” serves as a comforting reminder that while experiencing loss may feel lonely at times, we are never alone in the way we feel.


“My Walk in June”

By Shannon Savage

ISBN: 9781973685081 (softcover); 9781973685074 (hardcover); 9781973685098 (electronic)

Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Shannon Savage received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in psychology from Heidelberg University in 1994.  She then received a master’s degree in education from Baldwin-Wallace University, which gave her the title of reading specialist. After the death of her husband, Savage gave up her 15-year career as a first-grade teacher and Title I reading teacher to raise her two children, Zane and Xavier. Today, she seeks out opportunities to connect with others battling with loss, and show there can be life after dealing with death.



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