VRTCAL Announces SaaS offerings; The Only Open SSP & SaaS Company in the Market

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VRTCAL, a leading mobile SSP for publishers, app developers and brands, today announced the launch of its SaaS offerings, providing developers the capability to simplify, unify, and increase the efficiencies of their ad stack and connect directly to more advertisers for better transparency. 

A recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that publishers receive only 51% of advertisers’ spend, putting into question where the remaining — nearly half — lands, and raising concerns about transparency within the industry. Further, the study revealed that “15% of advertising spend could not be attributed” and only 12% of the impressions analyzed could be matched and properly investigated.

With its new SaaS offerings, VRTCAL places control into the hands of the developers to connect more directly with brands, equipping them with a toolbox complete with access to VRTCAL’s architecture, economies-of-scale, and efficiency controls. In doing so, VRTCAL provides an entirely new and more efficient ecosystem for mobile app advertising, allowing for increased revenues, reduced known and unknown costs,  increased efficiencies on all levels, and more transparency.

“At VRTCAL, we believe that earning only 51% of advertisers spend is not enough for developers and that their ad stacks present too many inefficiencies and unknowns,” said Todd Wooten, founder and president of VRTCAL. “There are still too many participants and too many legacy and structural inefficiencies between the developers and the brands. I’m incredibly proud that VRTCAL continues to innovate and break down barriers in the app development space, as we deliver these first-of-their-kind services that enable efficiencies at all levels, including the SDKs, mediation, auctions, and buyer connections.”

VRTCAL’s SaaS offerings come on the heels of the recently-launched SDKs. To celebrate the launch of its SaaS services, VRTCAL is offering a free one-month trial up to $1,000 to all app developers. To learn more about the promotion, please visit https://vrtcal.com/free-offer. To learn more about how to increase brand revenues, please visit https://vrtcal.com/ or e-mail hello@vrtcal.com.

About VRTCAL Markets, Inc. (“VRTCAL”)
VRTCAL is the only open SSP and SaaS company, focused on reducing the vertical distance between mobile publishers and advertisers and developing technologies that make a difference. The company provides mobile app developers and publishers with innovative technology for the delivery of advertising. The VRTCAL platform is a proprietary architecture that offers SDKs, oRTB, multiple mediation types and a MarketPlace with premium brands and advertisers. VRTCAL has offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

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Alexis Roberts
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