Amid Shock of Sky-High COVID-19 Medical Costs, National Nonprofit Pledges Help and Hope

Introducing COVID-19 Fundraising Campaigns and Direct Financial Relief for High-Risk Mid-Atlantic Patients

Radnor, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Radnor, PA, June 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amid the extreme uncertainty surrounding the cost of COVID-19 medical care, the national nonprofit Help Hope Live ( has announced that it is extending medically verified fundraising support to COVID-19 survivors across the country as well as direct financial relief to high-risk patients impacted by the pandemic. Experts estimate COVID-19 treatment costs of $20,000 to $90,000, but some bills have exceeded $800,000.

The Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker estimates that COVID-19 treatment costs may exceed $20,000 with out-of-pocket expenses of $1,300 or more for the average patient. Patients hospitalized for COVID-19 are speaking out about sky-high surprise bills. A high school teacher from Colorado received an $840,000 bill for two weeks on a ventilator in intensive care. Another patient reported a $537 out-of-pocket charge for a single nose swab.

As Help Hope Live Executive Director Kelly L Green explains, COVID-19 may be some patients’ first exposure to the shocking out-of-pocket cost of critical medical care. “For 37 years, we have been aware of the financial strain that Americans deal with during any unexpected medical crisis, from a transplant need to a cancer diagnosis,” said Green. “On top of job loss, income disruption, extreme stress, and greater isolation during periods of quarantine, COVID-19 can be a significant financial burden, especially if the diagnosis leads to kidney failure, lung damage, and other long-term health concerns.”

Help Hope Live is pledging to lift the burden for COVID-19 families by initiating fundraising campaigns for care costs and future health challenges. Unlike many crowdfunding sites, Help Hope Live campaigns are verified by a medical professional, tax deductible for donors, and backed by one-on-one support.

“We believe that the cost of care is the last thing families should have to worry about in this fight,” explained Green. “Fundraising is the way forward for COVID-19 survivors: to call on the love and generosity of their communities to find hope again. If you are struggling with these burdens, you are not alone. As we have been doing for decades, Help Hope Live will ensure that hope is not cancelled for COVID-19 survivors.”

Thanks to a $50,000 community grant, Help Hope Live is also offering direct financial aid to high-risk patients in the Mid-Atlantic region to ensure they can maintain access to medical care and other life-sustaining needs during this vulnerable time.

“We are grateful for this additional support for our mission as we continue to unite individuals facing a medical crisis with the supportive communities that care about them,” said Green.

To start a fundraising campaign or make a donation to Help Hope Live, visit or call 800-642-8399 to speak to a coordinator. 

About Help Hope Live

Founded in 1983 by a Philadelphia surgeon and a nurse, Help Hope Live is a national nonprofit that specializes in engaging communities in fundraising campaigns for people who need a transplant or are affected by a catastrophic injury or illness. Help Hope Live campaigns have raised over $145 million to pay patients’ out-of-pocket medical and related expenses. The top-rated charity is proud to partner with 6,000 medical professionals annually to receive referrals, verify the need for each campaign, and reduce costs for clients.

Help Hope Live COVID-19 Relief Fund

The nonprofit is pledging to provide direct financial relief through a special fund established to support Help Hope Live and its community needs during the pandemic.