Zeva Launches ZevaCrypt™, a Solution to Simplify Use of End-to-End PIV Encryption Across Federal Agencies Including Contractors

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zeva, Inc. a leader in Public Key Enablement, IT modernization and encryption solutions, today announced the launch of ZevaCrypt, Zeva’s end-to-end encryption service to help federal agencies more easily use their existing PIV encryption infrastructure with emails and documents exchanged between agencies and with contractors.

By using ZevaCrypt, agencies benefit from greater security with PIV-enabled end-to-end encryption and identity assurance, and an increased return on investment for their existing PIV infrastructure by making it more widely useable. ZevaCrypt also helps federal agencies comply with the 2019 OMB M-19-17 directive advising the use of HSPD-12 PIV encryption.

“Finding the right PIV identity and assurance credentials are major problems when working across agencies or with contractors,” said Sam Andoni, founder and president of Zeva Inc. “ZevaCrypt™ automates the discovery of trusted, federated PIV credentials and selects the correct certificate for the highest assurance level available. Replacing current manual, confusing and time-consuming credential discovery processes with ZevaCrypt will enable agencies to use federated PKI and PIV identity assurance levels across agencies, including contractors, seamlessly and intuitively.”

ZevaCrypt is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of PIV identity discovery and certificate selection between different organizations, problems that made using PIV encryption difficult and time consuming for users. Essential ZevaCrypt business values include:

  • Emails flow directly from senders to recipients; they never pass through the ZevaCrypt servers
  • There is no sidestepping end-to-end PIV encryption and identity security
  • There is no fallback to username/password or text messages to access encrypted documents, a vulnerability of cloud-gateway type solutions
  • An email client plugin simplifies the entire user experience and makes sending PIV-encrypted emails easy and intuitive
  • A Global Encryption Directory, integrated with the federal government and others, manages identity discovery and credential distribution between federal agencies and with contractors
  • A risk-based Policy Processing Engine with smart validation of PKI certificates automatically ensures use of the highest assurance credentials possible and enforces enterprise trust settings
  • Cloud-based services and administration portal simplify implementation and management of the Policy Processing Engine and certificate trust settings

Zeva is well qualified to tackle the challenge of end-to-end PIV encryption between federal agencies. For many years, Zeva’s bulk decryption solution DecryptNaBox, has been the go-to solution to the federal government’s vexing downstream issues of encryption — e-discovery, FOIA requests and investigation involving encrypted documents. Zeva’s innovative solution enabled many agencies to continue to encrypt highly sensitive and classified documents and at the same time ensure that congress, lawyers and investigators can do their jobs when they need to access encrypted files.

While DecryptNaBox helps organization manage their encrypted data, the new ZevaCrypt immediately enables organizations to start using their existing PIV encryption infrastructure more broadly across agencies. Together, these two solutions offer a wholistic strategy for achieving end-to-end encryption across the government.

More information on Zeva’s ZevaCrypt Solution can be found online.


ZevaCrypt Website

ZevaCrypt Brochure

About Zeva
Zeva (www.zevainc.com) provides software solutions and expert consulting for advanced Public Key Enablement, IT modernization and encryption solutions to ensure the security and operational efficiency of data and transaction processing.

For government and commercial clients, the company’s solutions significantly increase the return on investment on their enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by extending the encryption and decryption solutions that can be utilized across their enterprise.

Zeva helps greatly simplify employees’ use of their enterprise PKI between organizations as well as managing encryption lifecycle issues, such as encryption key recovery automation for e-discovery, FOIA requests and investigation involving encrypted documents.

Beyond encryption and decryption services, Zeva is also a leading tailored services provider for Identity and Access Management, IT Modernization, Cybersecurity technology, Data Forensics and custom software development.

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