Experienced Mediator Guides Readers to Mastering the Complex Art of Communication in Debut Book

In ‘Effective Communication Skills,’ author John Nielsen provides an uplifting and easy-to-follow workbook that tackles interpersonal skills crucial to all parts of life – whether at home or in the office

COARSEGOLD, Calif., June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mediator and coach John Nielsen teaches readers how to connect and disconnect so that they can collaborate more efficiently in his comprehensive guide to strategically and purposefully communicating with others. In “Effective Communication Skills,” Nielsen taps into basic communication techniques to share practical tools for analyzing communication scenarios and provides engaging prompts in a workbook format.

Each chapter addresses a specific step in the communication process and explains in simple language how certain behaviors can hamper communication and others can bolster it. Using these techniques, readers can learn how to establish immediate rapport, initiate and facilitate change, and reduce stress by learning how to conquer difficult situations, whether in social life or their professional environment.

“This book offers an opportunity to people from all backgrounds to develop an improved understanding of assertiveness and to have at hand a basic training workbook from which they can apply these principles both to themselves and to others.,” Nielsen wrote in the preface of his book.

“Effective Communication Skills” also draws on Nielsen’s background as a Christian who has recovered from addiction. Nielsen’s book is peppered with inspiring verses from scripture that relate directly to the communication scenarios and techniques his book covers. Perfect for faith-focused groups or addiction support groups, “Effective Communication Skills” helps others come together in times of difficulty and create strong, trusting community bonds.

“John Nielsen is a man of wisdom and expertise.  I know from first-hand experience of his love and compassion for people,” Anthony Martini, MA, STM, said in an endorsement of the book. “With his many years of experience, John’s professional competency includes a mastery of communication skills.  In his book, ‘Effective Communication Skills,’ John lays out a comprehensive manual for acquiring the fine art of communicating.  What many businesses have invested thousands of dollars in training their employers, John has made available to all.  Whether you are desiring a better marriage, stronger leadership skills, or simply want more confidence in presenting yourself to others than this compendium of expertise in the fine art of communication is for you!  Spending the time to acquire these skills has made a difference in my life and I expect these skills will make the difference in yours.”

“Effective Communication Skills: The Foundations for Change”
By John Nielsen
ISBN: 987-1-4363-0468-9 (hardcover); 987-1-4363-0467-2 (softcover); 987-1-4535-0674-5 (e-book)
Available through Xlibris, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

About the author

John Nielsen is the founder and director of the Communication Skills Training and Development Center in Hayward, Calif. Nielsen is a licensed and experienced mediator and coach and for 23 years was an ordained pastor at Community of Grace Church, also in Hayward. After recovering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Nielsen has been drug- and alcohol-free for 33 years. Prior to his recovery and spiritual transformation, which began in 1987, Nielsen was a successful entrepreneur who built a multi-million-dollar business that he sold in 1984. For over 25 years, Nielsen has focused on equipping business owners, teams, and leaders with the tools of communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. He currently resides in Coarsegold, Calif. To learn more, please visit www.communication-empowerment.com.

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