Advan Research Enhances Foot Traffic Coverage and Analytics

Adds Increased Panels, Country breakdown, Comparable Stores, Elevation

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advan Research Corporation, the only geolocation data provider servicing the financial industry, announces significant enhancements to the breadth of data and analytics on its platform, giving investors a new level of confidence to support their trading and investment activity.

Advan added 170 new companies in its data, bringing the total coverage to 2,250 companies, of which 1,385 are publicly traded. The most precise point-in-time store openings and closings available in the market facilitate the forecasting of same store sales. The platform now also offers a breakdown by country and a broadened panel size for greater accuracy. Advan also added elevation details to the data. This means measuring on which floor a cellphone is located and distinguishing between, for example, visitors on different floors of a Mall, or visitors to a Starbucks on the ground floor and workers in the offices on the floors above.

“Our promise has always been to deliver the most detailed analytics and the best cellphone location data in the market. The addition of point-in-time store openings and closings on substantially all our covered companies is an example of our meticulous attention to detail. Pioneering enhancements such as country specific measurements and elevation levels reflect our ongoing effort to provide unique and uncorrelated alpha signals,” said Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D., Advan’s founder and CEO.

“The level of accuracy demanded by fundamental investors has been the driving force behind this latest release, in which we have generated comparable store traffic for every company we cover, added new types of locations and companies, and increased our panel size by combining the best underlying data,” said Grigorios Reppas, Advan’s COO.

Advan’s geolocation data is based on exclusively opt-in data for over 100 million cellphones, with a 5 year history. The data covers over 1.5 million locations worldwide, each of which has been manually geofenced and reviewed by Advan. It includes foot traffic and dwell times, it enables precise measurement of hospital admissions and employee counts, and it tracks truck traffic to consumer-facing locations, factories, storage facilities and distribution centers. The data is fully anonymized and compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

In addition to these precomputed company metrics, Advan also provides custom traffic and cross-traffic analyses on any point of interest, from truck deliveries between warehouses to true trade areas of real estate locations.

About Advan
Advan provides hedge funds, real estate investors, retailers, and businesses with insights into foot and vehicle traffic and behavior that enable them to make better business and investment decisions. Its institutional-grade analytics allow fast and actionable insights into customer behavior and corporate activity. Advan processes billions of daily foot traffic observations from thousands of cellphone applications on 150 million locations and 2,250 companies across all sectors. Through its proprietary, manual geofencing it has developed the most extensive and accurate location data, available in seconds through a self-service dashboard. Advan also computes 20 years of weather data across all its covered locations along with 5 years of traffic data on commercial trucks.

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