VRTCAL Extends New SaaS Offerings to Nonprofit Organizations at No Cost

VRTCAL is The Only Open SSP & SaaS Company in the Market

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VRTCAL, a leading mobile SSP focused on demand-path optimization (DPO) for publishers, app developers & brands, today announced that it will offer its new SaaS offering at no cost to nonprofit organizations providing the infrastructure and technology to add new or increase current mobile advertising revenues. 

VRTCAL feels strongly about leveraging the company’s growth and success to provide its platform free to nonprofits, giving them the tools needed to expand on or introduce advertising as a source of revenue — capabilities that only the larger commercial publishers have been able to capitalize on, until now. Just released in June, VRTCAL’s SaaS offerings put control into the hands of the developers to connect more directly with brands, providing a DPO toolbox complete with access to VRTCAL’s architecture, economies-of-scale as well as efficiency and targeting controls.

“My days in the Peace Corps and the critical assistance my family received from nonprofits during Hurricane Katrina keeps me looking for new ways to help those in need in any capacity that I’m able to,” said founder and president of VRTCAL, Todd Wooten. “Here at  VRTCAL, we’ve seen how drastically our technology has helped our partners find success, and we now have the resources to provide the technology to nonprofits - at no cost - allowing them to further their causes and to continue to provide help to our communities. We are incredibly pleased to be in a position to pay it forward to the many nonprofits who work to make a positive difference every day.”

VRTCAL’s offering for nonprofits comes on the heels of the recently-launched SaaS and SDK offerings that focus on DPO for app developers. To learn more, please visit https://vrtcal.com/nonprofits-free/. To learn more about how to increase brand revenues through DPO, please visit https://vrtcal.com/ or e-mail hello@vrtcal.com.

About VRTCAL Markets, Inc. (“VRTCAL”)
VRTCAL is the only Open SSP and SaaS company focused on demand-path optimization, reducing the vertical distance between mobile publishers & advertisers, and developing technologies that make a difference. The VRTCAL platform is a proprietary architecture that offers SDKs, oRTB, multiple mediation types and a MarketPlace with premium brands and advertisers. VRTCAL has offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

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