Wyebot Announces Support for WiFi 6 and New Security Features

Added WiFi 6 Capabilities and Detailed AP Classification Establish New Industry Standard in WiFi Automation

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wyebot, the leader in AI-driven WiFi automation, today announced exciting new features to its award-winning, patented Wireless Intelligence Platform™ (WIP). With Version 3.0, WIP expands its security features and enhances user experience with its first-to-market support for WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and more detailed AP Classification.

The Wyebot WIP combines on-premise sensor hardware and cloud-based, vendor agnostic software that integrates seamlessly with any existing network infrastructure. Its advanced wireless optimization algorithms work alongside next-generation predictive analytics to identify potential threats or problems in order to keep the WiFi network up and running reliably and efficiently, all while providing actionable steps to optimize performance.

“As the leaders in AI-driven WiFi automation, Wyebot is committed to continued innovation and ensuring our WIP always defines the industry standard,” said Roger Sands, CEO and Co-Founder of Wyebot. “WiFi is always changing, and WIP will always be the leader in changing and adapting with it. We’re committed to proactively adding the design features that our customers need to ensure WiFi optimization in their businesses.”

With its industry leading, first-to-market feature updates, WIP now has the ability to run its full suite of remote-capable network tests using WiFi 6 technology and will identify all WiFi 6 Access Points and Clients using its device fingerprinting. Wyebot also expanded WIP’s security features to classify all detected APs as Mine, Known, Unknown, and Unauthorized. Automatic alerts are sent for any detected Unknown and Unauthorized APs.

“The market for WiFi 6 devices and network infrastructure is growing. As these devices start showing up in more businesses and organizations, we want all WIP users to rest assured that WIP supports and recognizes all new capabilities,” added Sands.

Additional new features include expanded end user experience metrics and optimized network test workflows. 

With these features, Wyebot continues to deliver unprecedented and complete wireless ecosystem visibility, and improved WiFi reliability, performance, and security. For more information on the details of WIP, visit https://wyebot.com/the-wireless-intelligence-platform/.

About Wyebot
Wyebot is the leader in WiFi automation. Its vendor agnostic Wireless Intelligence Platform analyzes, optimizes and uses its patent-pending AI-based engine and market-leading multi-radio sensor to automatically provide problem and solution identification. This results in up to a 90% reduction in Mean-Time-to-Resolution, up to a 50% reduction in WiFi problem tickets, and an up to 80% reduction in onsite problem-solving visits. For more information, please visit https://wyebot.com.

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