New LBGTQ Novel Offers a Glimpse at a World Free of the Confining Labels and Constrictions Placed on Love and Identity

In ‘The Cure,’ Sandra Freeman explores the liberating power of living and loving on one’s own terms

LAMALOU-LES-BAINS, France, July 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author Sandra Freeman has released her sixth novel, “The Cure,” an empowering story of love, loss and healing set along the charming and idyllic French coast. The novel introduces readers to the magnetic yet reclusive Dany, who is grappling with the throes of heartbreak following the death of her former lover, Anita. To make peace with her past and find closure, Dany returns to the south of France where they met and stays in the small village of Villeneueve-les-Bains, revered for its holistic properties and frequented by tourists seeking “the cure.”

As Dany meets and reluctantly befriends several charming residents and visitors around the resort town, she is recruited to work at a new private retreat designed for those experiencing confusion around their gender identity and seeking to shed the restrictive labels assigned to them by society. As Dany forms close relationships with the retreat’s guests as well it’s proprietor, Andy, both her mind and heart begin to open, and she discovers her own cure for the grief and pain she has been experiencing.

Through her book, Freeman challenges the gender binary and demonstrates that identity, in all its complexity and expansiveness, cannot be simplified or reduced to a label. She also provides a new perspective on love, illustrating the many shapes and forms it can be received in and expressed.

“I aim to encourage readers to reconsider traditional attitudes to gender, love and our relationships with each other and the natural world,” said Freeman. “There are many expectations for what identity and love should look like, but if you approach either with a closed mind, you will fail to see the full spectrum of humankind’s beauty and uniqueness.”

A fun and insightful work of LGBTQ fiction, “The Cure” ultimately asks readers to open their minds, free their hearts and experience life and love fully without inhibition.

“The Cure”
By Sandra Freeman
ISBN: 9781728352046 (softcover); 9781728352039 (hardcover); 9781728352053 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author
Sandra Freeman is an author, director, playwright, actress and retired lecturer. She taught French and theatre studies at University of Sussex, during which time she worked with professional and amateur actors writing, directing and acting in her own plays. She has written six other novels, three of which are set in the south of France where she now lives with her partner, painter Faith O'Reilly. Much of her work is centered around reconsidering traditional attitudes to gender, love and the relationships between people and the natural world.

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