Publication on July 27, 2020, after market closing
Regulated information – reporting share buyback
EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A.: Euronext Brussels (EVS.BR), Bloomberg (EVS BB), Reuters (EVSB.BR)

EVS reports update of share buyback program

EVS Broadcast Equipment reports that the following transactions, conducted within the framework of the share buyback program announced on May 6, 2020, took place between July 20, 2020 and July 24, 2020.

DateNumber of shares acquiredAverage price (EUR)Highest price
Lowest price
Total (EUR)
20/07/20202,15015.993116.0815.88  34,385 
21/07/20202,20016.146216.2816.00  35,522 
22/07/20202,19016.147716.2616.06  35,363 
23/07/20202,19415.986516.1015.88  35,074 
24/07/20202,21215.685515.9015.52  34,696 
Total10,946 15.9913   16.28   15.52   175,041 

As of July 24, 2020, and since the start of the buyback program, EVS has bought 117,102 shares at an average price of EUR 15,7583, representing in total EUR 1,845,331.

After aforementioned transactions the total number of own shares amounts now to 708,154 shares as of July 24, 2020 (including 607,332 shares already held by the company before the start of the share buyback program and taking into account the 16,280 shares distributed as part of the employees profit sharing plan as approved by the May 2020 OGM) .

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