68% of People Say Having Received a ‘Memorable’ Business Gift Strengthened Their Relationship With the Business That Gave It

New survey from Packed with Purpose shines a light on the value of corporate gifting. 

CHICAGO, Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corporate gifting has long been a key tool for business leaders to strengthen their most important relationships, but it’s been difficult to quantify just how valuable it is. Today, the corporate gifting company Packed with Purpose released its 2020 Business Gifting Report that puts hard numbers on these critical questions. 

The survey of a representative sample of employed U.S. adults over age 18, conducted by the independent research firm Justkul, found that 68 percent of people who have received a “memorable” gift basket or gift box from a business said it strengthened their relationship with the business.

However, when that gift had a philanthropic benefit, respondents were even more affected:

  • 53 percent said they would be “more delighted” by a gift that had a positive social impact;
  • 43 percent said they would be more likely to recommend a company on the basis of such a gift; and
  • 33 percent said they’re prepared to spend more at businesses that gave a gift with a positive social impact. 

“These findings spotlight the importance of purpose in people’s lives,” said Leeatt Rothschild, founder and CEO of Packed with Purpose, a Chicago-based company that curates corporate gifts that do good. “Particularly now, people want to feel like they’re helping affect positive change in the world. And they want the organizations they work with to be making a difference, too.”

All the adults surveyed had received a gift in the last three years from a current or prospective employer. Interestingly, the survey found that gift baskets and gift boxes were nearly twice as memorable in a recipient’s mind as a charitable donation, suggesting that employees and business leaders are more apt to remember something tangible than an email receipt from a donation made in their name.

Across industries, the technology and banking sectors placed the highest value on gifts with a positive social impact, the survey found, while professionals in healthcare and sales-oriented professions put the lowest value on such gifts.

“Many employees at large tech or finance companies may not feel that their day-to-day work directly contributes to making the world a better place,” Rothschild said. “That’s part of the reason these companies have corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments -- to give their employees a stronger sense of purpose. When these companies give their employees an appreciation gift that supports an important social cause, it accomplishes the same purpose.”

The full 2020 Business Gifting Report can be found here.

About Packed with Purpose

Packed with Purpose is on a mission to create meaningful impact by changing the way companies and individuals give gifts. Packed with Purpose discovers products produced by social enterprises and curates memorable gifts that wow recipients and create positive change. From granola handcrafted by female survivors of abuse to glass-blown wine stoppers that support teens affected by gun violence, Packed with Purpose curates unforgettable gifts that do good. Gift with Impact. For more information, visit packedwithpurpose.gifts/

About the Survey

This research was conducted by the independent research firm Justkul Inc. via an online survey administered between April 8-22, 2020. Participants were recruited from a general audience of adults over the age of 18, balanced across standard demographic categories and U.S. geographical regions, and including participants from all 50 states and at least three U.S. territories. To qualify, a participant had to indicate that they had received a business gift worth at least $15 in the past three years. Three hundred and seventy four (374) participants qualified and completed the survey. At the 95% confidence level this yields results with a confidence interval of approximately +/- 5%.

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