BOSTON, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scandal, corruption, deception and conspiracy lurk at every turn in Stephen L. Bruneau’s exciting new release, “The SCOTUS Affair.” The second installment in the Dimase Augustin series follows the homicide detective turned private investigator as he probes a complex and brutal case that spans rural Louisiana to Washington D.C.

In “The SCOTUS Affair,” entrepreneur Ben Johnson sets out to find the man responsible for the attempted murder of his lifelong love, Acadia LaFleur. After enlisting the help of Dimase, the men discover that Acadia’s assault was an unfortunate indiscretion in a far more sinister plot, one that also claimed the life of an elite Washington D.C. escort. As they work to connect the cases and their greater significance, they find themselves racing to intervene in a full-scale conspiracy spearheaded by a handful of politicians and law enforcement agents to dismantle checks and balances and concentrate power in corrupt hands.

Through “The SCOTUS Affair,” Bruneau explores several themes that resonate with the contemporary political landscape, including political divisiveness and extremism emanating from both sides of the spectrum. Ultimately, the book prompts readers to consider how a political system that is continually at odds with itself can become more susceptible to corruption and imbalance.

“My goal is not to take sides but rather let the reader bring their own perspective to the story and make their own interpretations,” said Bruneau. “’The SCOTUS Affair’ is not a commentary on what has happened or what should happen but rather an examination of what could happen in our current environment.”

“Bruneau has the gift,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “Effectively and simultaneously building suspense while integrating characters, concepts and events all too familiar in this surreal nonfictional political climate in which Americans currently live.”

“The SCOTUS Affair: A Dimase Augustin Thriller”
By Stephen L. Bruneau
ISBN: 9781532099748 (softcover); 9781663202000 (hardcover); 9781532099731 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse

About the author
Stephen L. Bruneau is an author, financial services professional and entrepreneur.  He is the founder and majority shareholder of Boston 128 Companies Inc., serving hundreds of corporate clients. Bruneau is a frequent industry speaker, active philanthropist and has won numerous industry and humanitarian awards. A graduate of Tufts University with two bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology, he draws from his background to create exciting thrillers that explore corruption, revenge and the inner workings of the human psyche. “The SCOTUS Affair” is his second novel, following his well-received debut, “The MIT Murders.” He currently lives in Boston, MA.

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